Coleridge Group Lakes

Lake Coleridge Opening Weekend 2008

Lake Coleridge Opening Weekend 2008 with Allan Burgess With the water level of Lake Coleridge high for Opening Weekend 2008…


Lake Coleridge Freedom Camping Area – Harper River – TrustPower

Lake Coleridge Harper River Freedom Camping Area Key Points about the Harper River Camping Area The camp ground has been…


Lake Evelyn Trout Spinning and Fly Fishing – Canterbury High Country

Lake Evelyn Lake Evelyn skirts the Harper Road to the right heading north just past the Ryton River bridge. Four-wheel-drive…


Lake Lilian Trout Fishing – on Glenthorne Station – Canterbury High Country

Lake Lilian Trout Fishing Lake Lilian is regarded as a good fly fishing water. A small though devoted group of…


Lake Georgina Trout Fishing – Small Canterbury high country lake

Lake Georgina Trout Fishing Open season in Lake Georgina runs from the first Saturday in November to the 30th of…


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