Boat Fishing Canterbury

Boat fishing at sea off the Canterbury Coast. Fishing at the “hole” 27 miles out off Banks Peninsula over the Pegasus Canyon. Inshore fishing around Banks Peninsula and off the Waimakariri River mouth. Sea fishing off Motunau and Kaikoura.

Kaikoura Coast Fishing Part 2 – Salmon fishing, tips, spots, species

Kaikoura Coast Fishing, Part 2 - Tips, spots, species Kaikoura Coast Fishing part 2 Kaikoura Coast Fishing part 2, follows…


Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing, Surfcasting, Kayak Fishing, Part 1

Kaikoura Coast Fishing - Part 1 Kaikoura Coast Deep Sea Fishing All the best fishing spots at Kaikoura For many…


Motunau Beach offers good diving and boat fishing – Crossing the Bar

Motunau Beach - A Guide to Fishing & Angler Etiquette At Motunau By Patrick Morris Plan your trip around the…


Deep-Sea Fishing over the Pegasus Canyon off the Canterbury Coast

Deep-Sea Fishing over the Pegasus Canyon by Cliff Chishlom This is more or less where you get to if you head…


Bushett Shoal Reef boat fishing between Motunau and Kaikoura

Bushett Shoal Reef After launching at Motunau Beach it is another 35 km further up the coast to Port Gibson…


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