Casting over the surf behind the old railway station at Kaikoura.
Surfcasting Tips for Beginners NZ – Tackle, baits, & how to catch fish!

Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand with Allan Burgess In Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand,.

Doll fly tied with a luminous body made from Aurora skirt. These thin soft plastic strips are wrapped around the body and tied off. They hold the torchlight very well and glow brightly.
Luminous Trout Flies – Doll Fly – Malcolm Bell video on Night Fishing

Luminous Trout Flies Luminous Trout Flies. Fishing at night with luminous flies, and lures, allows.

How to Catch Yabbies, or Ghost Shrimp, with a Bait Pump Video
How to Catch Yabbies, or Ghost Shrimp, with a Bait Pump – Video

Yabbies are Top Mullet Bait – Video Video Title: How to Catch Yabbies with a Bait.

Salmon anglers fishing the Rakaia River surf at first light.
Salmon Fishing Secrets – How long does it take to catch a salmon?

Salmon Fishing Secrets – Time Sometimes it just takes a great deal of perseverance to catch.

E-books and DVDs

E-Books – Download NOW! DVDs Sent by New Zealand Post The Complete Guide to River.

Lake Georgina trout-fly-fishing with Kevin O'Hanlon.
Lake Georgina Trout Fishing – Small Canterbury high country lake

Lake Georgina Trout Fishing Open season in Lake Georgina runs from the first Saturday in.

Rakaia River mouth clear edge surf on 7 February. Taken on Amazing Baits rocket ticers. Featured image.
Amazing Baits Salmon Ticers and Lures – Video review by Allan Burgess

 Amazing Baits Ticers & Zed Spinners Review Amazing Baits Ticer Review This is an excellent.