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Surfcasting Tips for Beginners NZ – Tackle, baits, when, where & how to catch fish!

Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand Kaikoura surf angler.

Home » Slider Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand Casting over the surf behind the old railway station at Kaikoura. with Allan Burgess In Surfcasting Tips for Beginners New Zealand, we’ll cover what you need to get started catching fish from the beach. We’ll also give you some quick and easy tips on the tackle More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 10 months ago
How to Catch Yabbies, or Ghost Shrimp, with a Bait Pump Video featured image
By Allan Burgess On Friday, October 19th, 2018

How to Catch Yabbies, or Ghost Shrimp, with a Bait Pump – Exclusive Fishingmag Only Video

Yabbies are Top Mullet Bait – Video  Video Title: How to Catch Yabbies with a Bait Pump. Video Description: Live yabbies make great bait for mullet, flounder, kahawai and other species. To catch More...

Doll Fly featured image.
By Allan Burgess On Monday, December 4th, 2017

Luminous Trout Flies – Doll Fly – Malcolm Bell video on Night Fishing

Home » Slider Doll flies with bodies of Aurora skirt strip work very well on trout after dark. Luminous Trout Flies Luminous Trout Flies. Fishing at night with luminous flies, and lures, allows you to get More...

Mako Shark - Isurus oxyrinchus. The teeth are designed to seize and hold fast swimming fish.
By Allan Burgess On Saturday, April 29th, 2017

Mako Shark – Isurus oxyrinchus – Short Finned Mako can swim at 80 kph

Mako Shark Fishing Mako Shark is also called blue pointer, mackerel shark, and is known in the scientific community as Isurus The short-finned mako shark is one of the easiest sharks to identify. It has a solid More...

Salmon anglers fishing the Rakaia River surf at first light.
By Allan Burgess On Sunday, March 22nd, 2015

Salmon Fishing Secrets – How long does it take to catch a salmon?

Salmon Fishing Secrets – Time Sooner or later a salmon is going to see your lure and take a bite of it! Sometimes it just takes a great deal of perseverance to catch a salmon. Even the best salmon anglers More...

By Allan Burgess On Wednesday, February 11th, 2015

E-books and DVDs

E-Books – Download NOW! Fishing the Twizel Canals by Allan Burgess $19.95 The Complete Guide to Sea-run Trout Fishing Normally $19.95 but you can get it for free by subscribing to our newsletter The More...

Lake Georgina trout-fly-fishing with Kevin O'Hanlon.
By Allan Burgess On Wednesday, November 26th, 2014

Lake Georgina Trout Fishing – Small Canterbury high country lake

Lake Georgina Trout Fishing Open season in Lake Georgina runs from the first Saturday in November to the 30th of April. Unlike nearby Lake Selfe there is no winter fishing season extension for this small lake. Some More...

Rakaia River mouth clear edge surf on 7 February. Taken on Amazing Baits rocket ticers. Featured image.
By Allan Burgess On Sunday, November 23rd, 2014

Amazing Baits Salmon Ticers and Lures – Video review by Allan Burgess

 Amazing Baits Ticers & Zed Spinners Review The versatility of the 24g Amazing Baits Snake. I was fishing alongside Ben recently when salmon were rising just behind the breaker, changing to the lighter More...