Sharks found around New Zealand

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit – steep shelving shingle beach

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit In my younger days I spent many an afternoon and evening surfcasting at Birdlings…


Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula – Sevengill Shark

Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula Looking for somewhere to go fishing during the holidays? Here is a good spot.…


Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Excellent Eating – Strong Fighter

Rig Shark are Often Caught by Surfcasters at Night Rig - Mustelus lenticulatus, has numerous names including smoothhound, gummy shark…


Tope or School Shark is regarded by the IGFA as a game fish

Tope or School Shark by Dick Marquand Common Name: School Shark. Scientific Name: Galeorhinus galeus (formerly G. australis). Maori Name:…


White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – Fishing Methods

Great White Sharks by Allan Burgess The White Shark Leviathan of the Deep by Dick Marquand White Shark Game Fish…


Thresher Shark – Alopias vulpinus – easily recognized from its very long tail

Thresher Shark - Updated by Allan Burgess and Dick Marquand (see below) The thresher shark is easily recognized from its…


Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks – Sevengillers are often caught by surfcasters

Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks by Allan Burgess The Sevengiller and Other Cow Sharks by Dick Marquand   In 1992 a large…


Common Small Inshore Sharks Found Around the New Zealand Coast

Small Inshore Sharks Spiny Dogfish Surfcasters fishing around the South Island of New Zealand will typically catch a number of…


Sevengill Shark caught surfcasting near the mouth of the Rangitata River

Sevengill Shark Caught Surfcasting at the Rangitata sevengill shark caught surfcasting


Sevengill Sharks from the Surf – Large Shark Caught by Surfcasters

Surfcasting for Sevengill Sharks If there's one sight in this world that's sure to quicken the heart of any surfcaster,…


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