Sharks found around New Zealand

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit – steep shelving shingle beach

Surfcasting Birdlings Flat and Kaitorete Spit In my younger days I spent many an afternoon and evening surfcasting at Birdlings…


Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula – Sevengill Shark

Black Rock, Taylors Mistake, Banks Peninsula Looking for somewhere to go fishing during the holidays? Here is a good spot.…


Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Excellent Eating – Strong Fighter

Rig Shark are Often Caught by Surfcasters at Night Rig - Mustelus lenticulatus, has numerous names including smoothhound, gummy shark…


Hammerhead Shark – Big specimens feed on stingrays

Hammerhead Shark - Sphyrna zygaena The hammerhead is easily recognized by the unique shape of the head. The eyes are…


Tope or School Shark is regarded by the IGFA as a game fish

Tope or School Shark by Dick Marquand Common Name: School Shark. Scientific Name: Galeorhinus galeus (formerly G. australis). Maori Name:…


White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – Fishing Methods

Great White Sharks by Allan Burgess The White Shark Leviathan of the Deep by Dick Marquand White Shark Game Fish…


Thresher Shark – Alopias vulpinus – easily recognized from its very long tail

Thresher Shark - Updated by Allan Burgess and Dick Marquand (see below) The thresher shark is easily recognized from its…


Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks – Sevengillers are often caught by surfcasters

Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks by Allan Burgess The Sevengiller and Other Cow Sharks by Dick Marquand   In 1992 a large…


Mako Shark – Isurus oxyrinchus – Short Finned Mako can swim at 80 kph

Mako Shark Fishing Mako Shark is also called blue pointer, mackerel shark, and is known in the scientific community as…


Common Small Inshore Sharks Found Around the New Zealand Coast

Small Inshore Sharks Spiny Dogfish Surfcasters fishing around the South Island of New Zealand will typically catch a number of…


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