Rangitata sevengiller.
Sevengill Shark caught surfcasting near the mouth of the Rangitata River

Sevengill Shark Caught Surfcasting at the Rangitata sevengill shark caught surfcasting

This sevengill shark taken surfcasting from the beach at Birdlings Flat , just south of Banks Peninsula, took over an hour to land. It measured 8'3" in length.
Sevengill Sharks from the Surf – Large Shark Caught by Surfcasters

Surfcasting for Sevengill Sharks If there’s one sight in this world that’s sure to quicken.

Porbeagle shark line art
Porbeagle Shark – Lamna nasus – a warm blooded shark

Porbeagle Shark – Lamna nasus The porbeagle shark, like the mako and the great white shark,.

mako Canterbury featured
Mako Shark weighing 153 kgs caught off the Canterbury Coast

Canterbury Sport Fishing Club Mako Shark Mako shark taken off the Canterbury Coast Grant Collins.

Mako shark weighing 392kg (862.4 lb).
Mako Shark – Isurus-oxyrinchus – Hunting Mr Mako

Hunting Mr Mako by Allan Burgess This shark is known right throughout its worldwide range.

spiny dogfish
Spiny dogfish – Squalus acanthias – small migratory shark

Spiny Dogfish Other names for spiny dogfish: makohuarau, pioke Flesh sold in fish shops as.

Blue Shark – Prionace glauca – also Blue Pointer, Blue Whaler

Other names for blue shark: Blue Pointer or Blue Whaler The blue shark is easily.