The author Denis Moresby with yellowtail kingfish that was not weighed so that my mates could not catch a bigger one.
Mayor Island Hapuka Experience – Bay of Plenty Sea Fishing

Mayor Island Hapuka Experience by DJ Moresby Tauranga Harbour, on New Zealand ‘s Central North.

Being able to tie a simple dropper rig like this one is an important fishing skill.
Tying Simple Fishing Rigs

How to tie fishing rigs Tying droppers in monofilament fishing line to form a sprat,.

Lloyd looks pleased with this big 'Ol Man snapper taken off Raglan, North Island, West Coast of New Zealand.
Snapper from Manu Bay, near Raglan, North Island of New Zealand

Snapper, Manu Bay   We launched from Manu Bay in the dark on Saturday morning.

Waiheke Island – Catching a 21 Pound Snapper

Snapper When someone on a fishing boat says that they, ‘have a good feeling,’ it.

The finished home-made lure!
Home-made Fishing Lures – Hot Melt Glue Lure

Homemade Lures Here is a home-made lure for you to try out and perhaps improve.

Members of a charter with their catch of groper aboard the 55 foot vessel F.V. Wildfire off the Canterbury Coast. Sadly this vessel is no longer operating off Canterbury.
Canterbury Bight Deep Sea Fishing – Tips, advice, on charter fishing

Canterbury Deep Sea Fishing What could be more exciting than a day spent at sea.