Game Fishing New Zealand

Game Fishing New Zealand. American writer Zane Grey famously described New Zealand as the “Angler’s El Dorado” after fishing here in 1926. Chasing Northland’s billfish is regarded as the pinnacle of sport fishing the world over. The rich waters of New Zealand’s far north have a hypnotic effect on those who would seek the site of jumping fully lit marlin. The names of the legendary New Zealand charter boat skipper Captain Snooks Fuller and his vessel Lady Doreen will live on forever. The quarry is the striped, black and blue marlin, along with broadbill swordfish, tuna, kingfish and sharks.  

Three Kings Marlin, Yellowfin Tuna, Middlesex Bank

Three Kings Islands Marlin Fishing, Northland, NZ By Andrew Padlie It had just come into winter and a memory of…


Yellowtail – King of Broken Water – Milford Sound, Fiordland

Yellowtail - King of Broken Water by Dick Marquand The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as it is known in New…


Marlin Hunting – The Quest for a Beakie – Game Fishing NZ

Marlin Hunting - The Quest for a Beakie By Dick Marquand I read with great interest Chappie Chapman's excellent article…


West Coast Striped Marlin Fishing out of Kaipara Harbour, Northland

We Boated Past the Graveyard of over 125 Shipwrecks By Warwick Judkins You wanna catch a marlin? I first heard…


Fiordland Game Fishing Club Operated Between 1972 and 1994 – The End Of An Era

By Dick Marquand On 24 August 1994, I chaired a meeting in Queenstown which wound up the Fiordland Game Fishing…


Marlin – Mt Maunganui – Astrolabe Reef – Happy 60th Birthday

Marlin - Mt Maunganui - Astrolabe Reef - Happy 60th Birthday by Andrew Padlie What do most people do for…


Striped Marlin Off the Coast of Taranaki – Aboard Swansong – Keith Chin

Striped Marlin off the Coast of Taranaki by Keith Chin - Cooking Your Catch in the Wok We were fishing…


Marlin – To Catch a Marlin is a Big Deal in the Game of Fishing – Houhora

Marlin Fishing is a Big Deal - Lasso Your Marlin by Andrew Padlie Please note that this piece was written some…


Marlin Fishing – Trailer Boat Marlin Fishing – Raglan Harbour South

West Coast Marlin with DJ Moresby The coast to the west of Te Kuiti is genuine New Zealand "West Coast".…


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