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Best Kahawai Fishing Lure – Small sprat shaped lures are the best

Best Kahawai Fishing Lure - Smaller lures 10-18g with a single hook work best by Allan Burgess Which is the…


Rigging Albacore Trolling Lures – Muppets, Hex Heads, Hook Selection

Rigging Trolling Lures for Albacore Tuna Rigging Hex Heads and Muppets Albacore tuna is a species that regularly travels through…


Poppers – Making Surface Poppers – How to make fishing poppers

How to Make Home Made Surface Poppers for Yellowtail Kingfish and Kahawai Surface poppers are easily made at home in…


Rapala CountDown Magnum – Excellent for Yellowtail Kingfish and Tuna

Rapala CountDown Magnum It is the premier bibbed lure of this type that others seek to imitate. It is built…


Rapala Saltwater Silver – Bibbed & Jointed Casting and Trolling Lures

Rapala Saltwater Silver According to Rapala the “Silver is best fished when ballyhoo (a slender piper type of baitfish) or…


How to fish with soft plastic fishing lures in New Zealand – by Kilwell’s Graham Andrews

Soft Plastics Although I have yet to take a tarakihi on one, soft plastic baits will take all of the…


Elliot’s Original Bibless Mighty Mackerel Mauler and the Halco Max

Mighty Mackerel Mauler The Mighty Mackerel Mauler was originally released back in the late 1980s by Elliots. More recently the…


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