Salmon Lures

Salmon Fishing Lures used in New Zealand: Zed Spinners, Ticers and Colorado Spoons. How to improve your salmon ticers and zed spinners.

Zed Spinners – Painting your old Zed Spinners, replacing hooks

White  Zed Spinners A few years ago I wouldn't fish with any colour Zeddie other than silver. The only "improvement"…


Zed Spinners for Salmon Fishing in New Zealand – Video

Zed Spinners for Salmon Fishing This type of lure is more generally known as a metal spoon! by Allan Burgess…


Hex Wobblers or Ticers – Weight-Forward & Smaller Trout Ticers or Wedges

Hex Wobblers or Ticers for Sea-run Salmon, Landlocked Salmon and Trout For Salmon and Kahawai in the Surf Hex Wobblers or…


Salmon Spinners – The importance of Winding Speed when Salmon Fishing

Salmon Spinners How to fish for salmon with zed spinners Though most South Island salmon anglers fish with zed spinners…


Fly Fishing for Salmon in New Zealand with John Hey

Fly Fishing for Salmon with John Hey Most anglers think that if your lure's not fishing the bottom you won't…


Feathered Lures for Salmon Fishing

Feathered Lures for Salmon Fishing There are times when this rig comes into its own. When fishing the fast water…


Colorado Spoon Salmon Fishing Lure – a good choice to fish the bottom in fast water

Colorado Spoons for Salmon Fishing with Allan Burgess Most salmon taken nowadays are caught on Zed spinners. However, they are…


Amazing Baits Salmon Ticers and Lures – Video review by Allan Burgess

 Amazing Baits Ticers & Zed Spinners Review Amazing Baits Ticer Review This is an excellent weight-forward salmon ticer. The brass…


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