Salmon Fishing. Tips, methods and techniques, best lures: ticers, Zed spinners and Colorados, salmon rods and reels. Salmon history and videos. There are salmon in New Zealand’s South Island only. Our full Salmon Fishing menu for desktop is in the sidebar on the right of this page. See the full salmon menu for mobile.

New rules introduced to protect sea-run salmon fishery

New rules introduced to protect sea-run salmon fishery To help save New Zealand’s wild Chinook salmon species, a ground-breaking change…


Alaska Salmon Fishing Kiwis – Kenai and Brooks Rivers – Highly Regulated Fishing

Alaska Salmon Fishing Kiwis - There are king, silver, chum, sockeye and pink salmon - Highly regulated rivers By Tim…


Landlocked Quinnat Salmon – Oncorhynchus tshawytscha – Updated

Landlocked Quinnat salmon fisheries were sustained by artificial stocking Landlocked Quinnat Salmon are no longer released into  South Island lakes…


Sockeye Salmon – Oncorhynchus nerka – Waitaki River Catchment – Video

Sockeye Salmon - Oncorhynchus nerka - only landlocked stocks are found in New Zealand by Allan Burgess Most New Zealand…


How to Catch Salmon – 12 Tips to get you started landing a salmon!

How to Catch Salmon - 12 Tips to get you started by Allan Burgess How to catch salmon comes down to…


Rasmus Gabrielsson and Malcolm Bell Podcast Canterbury Salmon

Rasmus Gabrielsson talks with Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler about the Canterbury Salmon Fishery by Allan Burgess Malcolm Bell,…


The Best Salmon Fishing Rivers New Zealand Map – 27 waters in all

The Best Salmon Fishing Rivers in New Zealand The best salmon fishing rivers New Zealand map. The map is at…


Alaskan Salmon Fishing

Alaskan Salmon Fishing, Kenai Peninsula David Maddock-Jones and wife Julie take a very successful working holiday to Alaska. They land…


Waitaki River Salmon Fishing Contest Winning fish weights since 1984

Waitaki River Salmon Weights During the 1990s I spent a good deal of time salmon fishing the lower Waitaki River,…


Millers Flat Salmon Fishing in the Clutha River, Otago

Millers Flat Salmon Fishing in the Clutha River by Monty Wright Many salmon anglers from further north, Canterbury, in particular,…


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