Rigs – also known as terminal tackle. This is the gear at the end of the line including sinker, flashers, hooks, trace, and droppers. How to make your own. Fishing Rigs NZ. Every angler needs to learn how to tie their own terminal rigs. Making your own not only saves money, but it also means you can tailor your rig to suit the exact target species and fishing conditions. For example, if your hooks are too big for the target species in your area you will catch very few fish as a result. You can often catch a big fish on a small hook but you will seldom catch a smaller fish on a large hook. In fact, you will mostly find that in the latter case the small fish will gratefully take your bait all day without ever becoming hooked themselves! 

Pulley or Yoke Rig for Long Distance Casting on Shallow Beaches

Pulley or Yoke Rig (Clipped Down) Video Description: Yoke Rig. Use this surfcasting rig when casting as far a possible…


Fishing Flies on Spinning Gear using a D lead Rig Can be very Effective

Fishing Flies on Spinning Gear How to Fish the Fly and D lead rig on spinning gear Fishing flies on…


Dunedin Wharves Salmon Fishing Rig – Otago – When, Where, How?

Dunedin Wharves Salmon Fishing Rig by Chris Dore Dunedin Wharves Salmon Fishing is really quite popular, with hundreds of people…


Sabikis, Flashers & Flies – Fishing Around Wellington and Stewart Island

Sabikis, Flashers & Flies by Chris Wong Sabiki, flashers, flies, call them anything you want so long as you call…


High Performance Deepwater Groper Rig

High-Performance Deepwater Groper Rig by Allan Burgess Here is a 'high performance' groper rig for those who want a set up that…


Tying Simple Fishing Rigs

How to tie fishing rigs Tying droppers in monofilament fishing line to form a sprat, surfcasting, or boat fishing rig…


Two Hook Rigs for Sea-run Trout, Salmon and Kahawai

Two Hook Rigs for Sea-run Trout, Salmon and Kahawai Two hook rigs Two hook rigs are very popular in Canterbury…


Flasher Rigs or Sabiki Rigs – Three main advantages over bait

Flasher Rigs and Sabiki Rigs - Terminal Tackle With Allan Burgess In most situations, flasher rigs will totally out fish…


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