Bay of Plenty

Bay of Plenty sea fishing

White Island Mako Shark, Kingfish Won Tons, Coke Bottle Albacore Tuna

White Island Mako Shark - Keith Chin and Neil Bond Travel to the Bay of Plenty for Some Very Exciting…


Hapuka or Groper – How to Catch Hapuka in Deep Water

How to Catch Hapuka by Andrew Padlie Andrew Padlie takes a look at the deepwater reefs off Tauranga that are…


Bay of Plenty Kingfish – How to find and catch kingis

How to Catch Kingfish in the Bay of Plenty with Andrew Padlie Whether you enjoy sitting in the lee of…


Mayor Island Hapuka Experience by DJ Moresby

Mayor Island Hapuka Experience by DJ Moresby Tauranga Harbour, on New Zealand 's Central North Island East Coast has a…


Using a Kon Tiki Fishing raft at Tauranga’s Papamoa Beach

Kon Tiki Fishing Raft with Denis Moresby Some old concepts on how to fish in the sea are a bit…


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