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Ninety Mile Beach Surfcasting Classic by DJ Moresby – Tips and Techniques

Snapper from Ninety Mile Beach, Northland.

Return to New Zealand’s Premier Surfcasting Competition – Tactics of the Top Five Percent Snapper have strong mouths. I got this fish on to the beach but before I could remove the hook the snapper bit down hard and broke it. The hook was a small size 2 kale wide-gap. Photograph: DJ Moresby. Fishing Ninety Mile Beach This time around conditions More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 2 years ago
Photograph: Surfcasters waiting for the sandbar behind these breakers to come up with the falling tide. Photo: DJ Moresby.
By Allan Burgess On Friday, August 14th, 2015

Fishing the Ninety Mile Beach Five Day Surfcasting Contest by DJ Moresby

This testing surfcasting Competition requires skill, knowledge and fitness to be successful! by Denis Moresby Ninety Mile Beach is a legal public road and road rules apply. Contestants on their way to the daily More...