Zonker trout fly.
Zonker Streamer Flies for Salmon and Searun Brown Trout

Zonker Fly or Rabbit Zonker By Allan Burgess Zonker flies are one of my favourites..

Deer Hair Mouse Fly.
Mouse Flies for Trout Fishing – Don’t Neglect this High Protein Trout Food

Mouse Flies and Tying Ideas With Allan Burgess  Surely any trout prepared to eat rats.

Royal Wulff
Royal Wulff Dry Fly – tying this popular dry fly with John Hey

The Royal Wulff is one of those flies that has no direct resemblance to a.

Yellow Grasshopper tied by John Hey.
Terrestrial Insects – Wasps, Bees, Beetles and more with John Hey

Terrestrial Insects – Wasps, Bees, Beetles and more With John Hey By the time mid-summer.

Black bandit nymph.
Black Bandit Nymph from John Morton by John Hey

Black Bandit Nymph Through my career in selling sports goods, particularly fishing tackle, I have.

John Morton's Black Pete trout fly.
Black Pete Trout Fly or Lure tied by John Morton of Christchurch

Black Pete Trout Fly with Allan Burgess Black Pete is a proper night fly. A.

Dick's Haemorrhoid trout streamer fly.
Dicks Haemorrhoid trout streamer fly perfect for Lake Dunstan

Dick’s Haemorrhoid Dicks Haemorrhoid makes an excellent trout trolling and harling fly I was given.

Doll fly in Canterbury colours. Body is Aurora skirt.
Doll Fly by John Hey – Doll Fly Glows in the Dark

Doll Fly I have another night fly favourite of mine for you to tie. It.

Black and Green Marabou, or with a light olive green body, a Kemsley's Green Marabou. Either way, it is a top New Zealand trout lure pattern for both brown and rainbow trout. The bottom picture shows the same lure once it is wet.
Black and Green Marabou Fly – Trout Streamer Fly – Gary Kemsley

Black and Green Marabou Marabou style flies are now sold in just about every colour.

Barred Rock Featured Image
Barred Rock – Top Searun Trout Feathered Lure – Good in Clear Water

Barred Rock Sea-run Trout Lure By Allan Burgess The Barred Rock is another excellent old.