The horn cased caddis nymph is simple to tie but is a deadly fish taker.
Horn Cased Caddis Nymph – for spring creeks and river headwaters

Horn Cased Caddis Nymph Cast upstream, allow to sink, dead drift close to the bottom.

The Goldhead Nymph with Wanaka based trout fishing guide Ian Cole

Goldhead Nymph In fishing seasons past the Goldhead caught a lot of fishermen, it seemed.

Goddard Caddis
Tying and Fishing the Goddard Caddis with John Hey

Goddard Caddis Dedicated fly fisherman, we will know that the most prolific food will be.

Dragon Fly Nymph with Ian Cole

The Dragon Fly Nymph Commonly found in our lakes, ponds, backwaters and slow-moving streams, the.

Pheasant Tail-Nymph
Pheasant Tail Nymph with John Hey Represents common mayfly nymphs

Pheasant Tail Nymph Lift a stone in any trout stream and clinging to the underside.

The Twilight Beauty is a traditional wet fly. Wet Fly Fishing calls for great touch. It is more demanding than the dry fly. These flies can be used all season but my best results have been early season.
Twilight Beauty – Traditional Wet Fly for Early Season Trout with John Hey

Twilight Beauty Twilight Beauty is a traditional wet fly. Wet Fly Fishing calls for a.

Partridge and orange wet fly - winged version.
Partridge and Orange – An Old English North Country Spider Pattern

Partridge and Orange Wet Fly The Partridge and Orange is a small soft hackle wet.

Olive Green Booby Fly with a body of Crystal Chenille. A more typical body is made by wrapping a hackle palmer style over the body and securing with oval tinsel as in a Woolly Buggar.
Booby Trout Fishing Fly – Tyed with Floating Polystyrene Eyes

Booby Trout Fishing Fly This is an interesting fly that incorporates polystyrene beads that provide.

This salmon was taken on genuine fly fishing tackle from the Hurunui River lagoon.
Yellow Lady trout and salmon fly – John Hey on fly fishing for salmon

Yellow Lady trout and salmon lure By John Hey A few seasons back I had.

A Yellow Lady and a Black Waimak Wizard lure on a salmon angler's quad bike at the mouth of Canterbury's Rakaia River. This is a typical Canterbury Lure Rod set up.
Tying the Yellow Lady Trout and Salmon Lure Video with Allan Burgess

Tying the Yellow Lady  The Yellow Lady is a popular harling lure for lake fishing..