Kilwell No.2 trout lure.
Kilwell No2 Killer Pattern Trout Lure

Kilwell No. 2 Tail: Black squirrel Body: red or yellow Side feathers: Mottled grouse feathers.

Hamill's Killer.
Hamills Killer and other Killer Patterns – Excellent must have lures

Hamills Killer and Killer Patterns The gruesome sounding name of this group of fishing flies.

Grey Ghost Mylar Body.
Grey Ghost Trout Lure or Streamer Fly – Sold in Many Variations

Grey Ghost Trout Fly by Allan Burgess The Grey Ghost trout lure was introduced by Kilwell.

Ginger Mick Yellow Body
Ginger Mick Trout Lure – Popular for Harling and Trolling

Ginger Mick Trout Fly with Allan Burgess The Ginger Mick is an interesting lure pattern.

Dorothy Trout Fly or Lure – Silver Dorothy Smelt Fly Pattern

Silver Dorothy Though the Dorothy comes in many body colour combinations I think the silver.

Cicada insect patterns for trout fly fishing with John Hey

Cicada Insect Patterns The number one contender in the chirpy insect stakes must be the.

Live brown beetle.
Beetle Patterns for Trout – brown beetles hatch followed by green beetles

Beetle Patterns At this time of the year, beetles represent a plentiful food supply for.

Randall Kauffman Stimulator fly tied by John Hey
Attractor Flies Versus an Exact Imitation – Randall Kauffman

Attractor Flies Versus an Exact Imitation Dry fly fishing is the easiest form of fly.

How to tie a Chironomid Midge Pupa Fly - Midge Pupa - with Ian Cole
How to tie a Chironomid Midge Pupa Fly – Midge Pupa – with Ian Cole

Chironomid Midge Pupa Fly Whilst resembling a mosquito in appearance the midge is a non-biting.

Wiggle Nymph Damsel tied in two sections to simulate movement. Rabbit fur tail and legs also add movement.
Nymphs – Giving Life to Impressionist Nymphs – Simulation of Movement

Impressionist Nymphs with John Hey Let’s look at impressionist nymphs and how to give them.