Paddle Tail Trout Lure
Paddle Tail Trout Fishing Lure – Garth Coghill, Rotorua

Paddle Tail Trout Fishing Lure Garth Coghill of Rotorua is the creator of this excellent.

Green Orbit Trout Lure - Tied on a small size 8 hook it makes a good day pattern.
Green Orbit Trout Fishing Lure – A Favourite on Central North Island Lakes

Green Orbit Trout Fishing Lure This is a favourite lure on many of the central.

RTV silicon rubber sealant and Aurora skirt strip for making silicon trout flies.
Silicon Trout Flies – Instructions for creating your own Silicon Smelt

How to tie the Silicon Smelt Fly Imitations employing the use of RTV silicon rubber.

Humpy red body.
Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water

Humpy Dry Fly The Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water.

Elk hair caddis featured
Elk Hair Caddis Trout Dry Fly

Elk Hair Caddis Caddis or sedge flies come in many different shapes and colours. I.

Coch-y-bondhu trout fly.
Coch-Y-Bondhu Dry Fly of Welsh Origin – Very effective and easy to tie

Coch-Y-Bondhu This one appears in Mike Weddell’s 10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies..

The cicada is a large bulky insect.
Cicada Dry Fly – The Cicada is a large bulky insect

Cicada Dry Fly The cicada pattern is a popular surface fly to use when this.

Hopes Dark trout streamer fly or lure.
Hopes Dark – Canterbury Trout Lure or Streamer Fly

Hopes Dark This Canterbury trout streamer fly or lure pattern has taken countless large sea-run.

Lord's Killer.
Lord’s Killer Trout Lure – Originally Creation of Frank Lord, Rotorua

Lord’s Killer Lord’s Killer was originally the creation of Frank Lord. According to Derek Quilliam.

Mallard Killer Trout Lure.
Mallard Killer Trout Lure

Mallard Killer Trout Lure This pattern is credited to Geoff Sanderson of Turangi. The grey.