Parsons' Glory Yellow.
Parsons’ Glory Trout Lure with John Hey

Parsons’ Glory Trout Lure with John Hey Strange as it may sound my favourite lure.

Mrs Simpson Trout lure.
Mrs Simpson Trout Killer Pattern with Allan Burgess

Mrs Simpson Mrs Simpson would be the most popular of the Killer patterns after the.

Wind the tinsel over the fur. Then spin the hackles. Tie off and apply a few drops of head cement to finish.
March Brown Dry Fly with John Hey

March Brown While most of the dry flies are tied with deer hair to make.

Elk hair Caddis with Ian Cole
Elk Hair Caddis with Ian Cole

The Elk Hair Caddis Caddis flies, or sedge flies as they are more commonly called.

Float foam beetles
Brown Beetle Trout Dry Fly – imitations by Louie “The Fish” Denolfo

Fishing the Brown Beetle with John Hey – Foam Beetles by Louie “The Fish” Denolfo Trout.

Wooly Buggar trout fly
Winter Trout Flies with John Hey

Winter Trout Flies by John Hey My first adventure with winter fishing was at Lake.

Wooster's Silvery.
Wooster’s Silvery – Canterbury Sea-Run Trout Fishing Lure

Wooster’s Silvery – Canterbury Trout Lure I first fished the Wooster’s Silvery lure in the.

Black rabbit trout night lure featured
Rabbit Trout Lure Colours – One of the best trout streamers – Video

Rabbit Trout Lure Colours The Rabbit lure is one of the most versatile of all.

Rabbit Muddler.
Rabbit Muddler Trout Lure – A Good Sea-Run Trout Lure

The Rabbit Muddler with John Hey The first time I fished a muddler minnow I.

Tying the Muddler Minnow Trout Streamer Fly
Muddler Minnow Trout Streamer – Don Gapen was the Originator

Tying the Muddler Minnow Trout Streamer The muddler minnow is tied primarily as an imitation.