Chamberlains Trout Lure.
Chamberlains Trout Lure – One of the Old Canterbury Patterns

Chamberlain’s Lure Chamberlain’s Lure is another of the Canterbury lures popular with anglers fishing the.

Green Hairy Dog - featured image.
Hairy Dog – Trout Streamer Fly or Lure

Hairy Dog The Hairy Dog originates from Lake Taupo. I like this fly not only.

Hope's Silvery.
Hopes Silvery – Canterbury Sea-Run Trout Lure

Hope’s Silvery Trout Lure With Allan Burgess The first day of October signals the start.

Orange Witch Trout Lure
Orange Witch – Trout Fly, Peter Laing, Old Canterbury Lure Pattern

Orange Witch Trout Lure, the creation of Peter Laing, Canterbury, New Zealand The creation of Canterbury.

Glo-bug egg row trout fly.
Glo-Bug Trout Fishing Flies for Winter Rainbows – Good in Twizel Canals

Glo-Bugs are Fish Egg Imitations by Allan Burgess At first sight, a pink or orange.

The Wiggle Legs Blue Bottle Pheasant Tail Nymph for the Twizel Canals by Allan Burgess.
Wiggle Legs Bluebottle Pheasant Tail Nymph for the Twizel Canals

Wiggle Legs Bluebottle Pheasant Tail Nymph Nymphs are often overlooked by anglers new to trout.

A small Clutha rainbow is carefully released after taking a deadly Hamill's Killer. Featured image.
Never Fail with Killer Patterns – Fly fishing the Clutha River

Never Fail with Killer Patterns – Fly Fishing the Clutha with the “across and down.

Hamills Killer
Hamills Killer Trout Fly with John Hey

Hamills Killer is a “must have” Trout Fly for fishing in New Zealand  Tying the.

McDonald Mudeye Nymph, green version.
McDonald Mudeye Nymph – An Easy Fly to Tie Yet Deadly on Trout

McDonald Mudeye Nymph by Dick Marquand McDonald Mudeye. I can remember a few years ago,.

The Taupo Tiger comes in many different body colours nowadays but to be a Taupo Tiger it must have a wing of dark centred badger hackles and a red head.
Taupo Tiger Trout Fishing Lure – Badger hackles and red head

Taupo Tiger Trout Fly must have a red head! The Taupo Tiger is one of.