Feathered Lures

Feathered lures, also called streamer flies, for trout fly fishing. This category includes 46 different patterns: New Zealand Killer patterns, sea-run brown trout lures, Taupo and Rotorua patterns, Canterbury patterns and harling flies. These are generally referred to as feathered lures although some patterns use fur and other materials instead of feathers. Our full Feathered Lures menu is in the sidebar on the right of this page, or scroll down if on mobile.

Faster Fly Tying – Stop Wasting Time Laying Down and Picking Up Scissors

Faster Fly Tying - Simple Organisation Makes a Big Difference "Faster Fly Tying MP3" by Allan Burgess. Released: 2019. Do…


Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille – Excellent for fishing the Twizel Canals

Boobie Fly UV Straggle Chenille Trout Lure - Boobie or Booby trout fly. The boobie fly is a good imitation…


Red Setter Trout Lure Created by Geoff Sanderson of Turangi

The Red Setter is a top fly for migrating pre-spawning rainbow trout The Red Setter Trout Lure is the invention…


Chamberlains Trout Lure – One of the Old Canterbury Patterns

Chamberlain's Lure Chamberlain's Lure is another of the Canterbury lures popular with anglers fishing the lower Selwyn River and Lake…


Hairy Dog – Trout Streamer Fly or Lure

Hairy Dog The Hairy Dog originates from Lake Taupo. I like this fly not only for its effectiveness as a…


Hopes Silvery – Canterbury Sea-Run Trout Lure

Hope's Silvery Trout Lure With Allan Burgess The first day of October signals the start of another fishing season. With…


Kilwell No.1 – Killer Pattern Trout Lure – a great bully immitation

Kilwell No.1 Originally created by Frank Lord of Rotorua, and known as the Tarawera Killer. It was later tied commercially…


Orange Witch – Trout Fly, Peter Laing, Canterbury

Orange Witch Trout Lure, the creation of Peter Laing, Canterbury, New Zealand The creation of Canterbury angler Peter Laing the Orange…


Never Fail with Killer Patterns – Fly fishing the Clutha River

Never Fail with Killer Patterns - Fly Fishing the Clutha with the "across and down method" by Dick Marquand It…


Hamills Killer Trout Fly with John Hey

Hamills Killer is a "must have" Trout Fly for fishing in New Zealand  Tying the Hamills Killer pattern. Winter is…


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