Dry Flies

A dry fly is an artificial fly that floats on the surface of the water when cast out. It can be either a realistic fly imitation or an attractor or stimulator pattern, which broadly represents the type of insects trout like to eat whilst not representing any insect in particular.

Cicada Trout Dry Fly Fishing with Ian Cole – Plus MP3 of Cicada Singing

Cicada is a large flying insect The unmistakable sound of a male cicada calling or singing for a female. MP3…


Learn Your Wings – Fly Tying with John Hey – Looking at Methods

Tying Wings on your Dry Fly Patterns With John Hey When I first started tying my own flies, wings on…


Loves Lure Trout Fly with John Hey

Loves Lure Trout Fly with John Hey Loves Lure, is a very popular high country dry fly. It is not…


March Brown Dry Fly with John Hey

March Brown While most of the dry flies are tied with deer hair to make them float, the March Brown…


Elk Hair Caddis with Ian Cole

The Elk Hair Caddis Caddis flies, or sedge flies as they are more commonly called in the U. K., form…


Brown Beetle Trout Dry Fly – imitations by Louie “The Fish” Denolfo

Fishing the Brown Beetle with John Hey - Foam Beetles by Louie "The Fish" Denolfo Trout feed on many insects but…


Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water

Humpy Dry Fly The Humpy is a buoyant fly that sits high on the water making it a good choice…


Elk Hair Caddis Trout Dry Fly

Elk Hair Caddis Caddis or sedge flies come in many different shapes and colours. I suggest you make up several…


Coch-Y-Bondhu Dry Fly of Welsh Origin – Very effective and easy to tie

Coch-Y-Bondhu This one appears in Mike Weddell's 10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies. It certainly is one of…


Cicada Dry Fly – The Cicada is a large bulky insect

Cicada Dry Fly The cicada pattern is a popular surface fly to use when this insect is chirping in high…


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