Dry Flies

Cicada insect patterns for trout fly fishing with John Hey

Cicada Insect Patterns The number one contender in the chirpy insect stakes must be the cicada. The sound of cicadas…


Beetle Patterns for Trout – brown beetles hatch followed by green beetles

Beetle Patterns At this time of the year, beetles represent a plentiful food supply for trout. They begin to hatch…


Attractor Flies Versus an Exact Imitation – Randall Kauffman

Attractor Flies Versus an Exact Imitation Dry fly fishing is the easiest form of fly fishing. You don't need fancy…


Mouse Flies for Trout Fishing – Don’t Neglect this High Protein Trout Food

Mouse Flies and Tying Ideas With Allan Burgess  Surely any trout prepared to eat rats or mice swimming on the…


Royal Wulff Dry Fly – tying this popular dry fly with John Hey

The Royal Wulff is one of those flies that has no direct resemblance to a natural insect and yet is…


Terrestrial Insects – Wasps, Bees, Beetles and more with John Hey

Terrestrial Insects - Wasps, Bees, Beetles and more With John Hey By the time mid-summer comes around in New Zealand…


Adams Dry Fly – Adams Parachute Fly – credited to Len Halliday

Adams Dry Fly This pattern is credited to the American Len Halliday of Michigan and dates from 1922. It is…


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