Light Tackle Kahawai Spinning – Exciting Low-Cost Game Fishing Video

Light Tackle Kahawai Spinning makes for Exciting Low-Cost Game Fishing at River Mouths Video: You can catch kahawai on heavier…


Kahawai fishing on light spinning tackle, softbaits, and fly rod

Kahawai Fishing on light spinning tackle, soft baits, and the fly rod Other names for kahawai: Kopapa, Australian Salmon For Kahawai…


Arawata River Mouth Kahawai on Saltwater Fly & Ultra Light Spin Gear

Arawata River Mouth Kahawai on Saltwater Fly & Ultra Light Spin Gear with Dick Marquand When Aaron Horrell and I…


Canterbury Winter Kahawai – surfcasting over the colder months

Expect a few Kahawai While Surfcasting Around the South Island Over Winter Arriving at the Birdlings Flat beach, just south…


Best Kahawai Fishing Lure – Sprat shaped lures might be the best

Best Kahawai Fishing Lure Which is the best kahawai fishing lure for spin fishing at river-mouths? This is an interesting…


Kahawai Spin Fishing at River Mouths – Great on Light Tackle Video

Kahawai Fishing at River Mouths on Light Tackle Video  Here is a great video on light tackle kahawai fishing featuring…


Kahawai Licence – Do I need a fishing licence to fish at river mouths?

Kahawai licence - Do I need a licence when fishing at a river mouth? Fish & Game are aware that there…


Kahawai Fishing Tips: Techniques, Lures, Spots – Video

Kahawai Fishing Tips Kahawai - Arripis trutta Here are some top kahawai fishing tips you can put into action this…


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