How-to Advice and Fishing Tips for Anglers

Tips on bottling, smoking, and freezing fish. How to tie knots and rigs, make sinkers, maintain fishing tackle, fix leaking waders, fishing books, whitebaiting, and heaps more! Our full How To Menu is in the sidebar on the right of this page.

Fishing Flies on Spinning Gear using a D lead Rig Can be very Effective

Fishing Flies on Spinning Gear How to Fish the Fly and D lead rig on spinning gear Fishing flies on…


Taxidermy Fish – Mounting the Whopper – Preparation Matters

Taxidermy Fish with Monty Wright Photo (1) Denis Brundell’s 16.5lb (7.5kg) brown trout. Each time we head out fishing we…


Bottling Salmon – how to guide to bottling salmon and other fish

  Bottling Salmon - Also effective for Trout, kahawai and Mullet The Americans call this preserving process canning even when…


Pilchard Distance Casting for Rock Anglers and Surfcasters

By Jack Whittler My aim is to encourage do-it-yourselfers to make up their own - they can be made of…


Shadow-Box Trout Flies – How to make your own shadow-box project

by Allan Burgess Making a shadow-box to display your trout flies by hanging them on the wall is a great…


Taking Kids Fishing – Tips for getting kids started learning to fish

Taking Kids Fishing by Stephen Coote There are good reasons for taking kids fishing and there are things we can…


Smoking Fish – How to prepare and cook fish by the hot or cold smoking methods

How to Smoke Fish Smoking fish in a hot smoker by Allan Burgess I must admit that some of my earlier…


How to Make Your Own Large Wooden Fly Boxes by Allan Burgess

Making Large Wooden Fly Boxes Here is a great idea for those who like to make things. Although I carry…


Testing for Cracked or Broken Fishing Rod Line Guides

Line guides on fishing rods are easily damaged if knocked or mistreated Most modern rods feature rings made from hard…


How to freeze fish while preventing freezer burn by encasing in ice

Freeze Fish without Freezer Burn How to freeze fish so that it keeps longer. When freezing fish the biggest problem…


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