You can find hair-line cracks in line guides by pulling an old pair of pantyhose across the hard surface. The fine threads will snag on any cracks.
Testing for Cracked or Broken Fishing Rod Line Guides

Line guides on fishing rods are easily damaged if knocked or mistreated Most modern rods.

The Kon Tiki raft with it's square sail erect. A barley sugar melts when in the sea, dropping the saqil and making it much easier to pull back in.
Using a Kon Tiki Fishing raft at Tauranga’s Papamoa Beach

Kon Tiki Fishing Raft with Denis Moresby Some old concepts on how to fish in.

The finished home-made lure!
Home-made Fishing Lures – Hot Melt Glue Lure

Homemade Lures Here is a home-made lure for you to try out and perhaps improve.

Flyrod selection Tom Fraser featured image
Trout Flyrod Selecting – tips for choosing a fly-rod that suits your needs

Trout Flyrod Selection with Kilwell Sports With such a bewildering array of fly rods available.

The Daiwa Sealine is an inexpensive and rugged deep sea fishing reel ideal for use with braided lines.
Buying a Deepsea Fishing Reel for Use with Braided Line

Buying a Deepsea Fishing Reel Nowadays most deep sea anglers prefer to fish with braided.

Abu Ambassadeur UC6500C baitcasting reel.
Abu Ambassadeur 6500C – Free-Spool Baitcasting Salmon Reel

Abu Ambassadeur 6500C Browsing through a Cromb and Merrit Sports catalogue for the 1984/85 season.

Daiwa Gold GS9
Daiwa Gold Series GS9 reel

Daiwa Gold Series GS9 The Daiwa Gold Series GS9 dates back to the mid-seventies. If.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven Sprint. Featured Image.
Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven Sprint 6.3:1 baitcaster reel

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven Sprint 6.3:1 The Abu Garcia Ambassadeur Seven Sprint was a salmon/surf.

salmon spinners featured
Salmon Spinners – The importance of Winding Speed when Salmon Fishing

Salmon Spinners How to fish for salmon with zed spinners Though most South Island salmon.

Rakaia River mouth clear edge surf on 7 February. Taken on Amazing Baits rocket ticers. Featured image.
Amazing Baits Salmon Ticers and Lures – Video review by Allan Burgess

 Amazing Baits Ticers & Zed Spinners Review Amazing Baits Ticer Review This is an excellent.