The Shimano AX Spinning Reel. The QuickFire II lever is shown in use. It always stops at the top when you wind the handle backwards.
Shimano AX Spinning Reel – light­weight, super strong graphite

Shimano AX Spinning Reel – light­weight, super strong graphite Shimano AX Spinning Reel One of best.

Shimano Baitrunner BTR 6500B

Shimano Baitrunner BTR 6500B Big snapper are weary fish. They tend to drop the bait.

The Saltec Thumb Caster shown in the correct position with line in place ready to make a cast. Photo: DJ Moresby.
Saltec Thumb Caster Protects Your Casting Finger

Saltec Thumb Caster Protects Your Casting Finger and Increases Casting Distance Fine braid will cut your.

Never assume the rod guides will line up correctly. Always check by sighting along the rod while still in the shop! Check also for chipped or hair-line cracks in the line guides.
Fishing Rod – Tips on Selection and Purchase

Fishing Rod Selection and Purchase Which species of fish will you target with your new.

Deepsea bottom rig making
Bottom Rigs for Deep Sea Fishing

Bottom Rigs for Deep Sea Fishing The author with a brace of school groper taken.

Typically fish are caught in the corner of the mouth with tuna circle hooks, as with this shark, making it a simple job to release unwanted fish back into the sea unharmed.
Tuna Circle Hook

Tuna Circle Hook Advantages Circle hooks are used for commercial long-lining. They are also called.

It isn’t unusual in productive fishing areas to catch a fish on every hook. Here the angler has taken a big blue cod on the bottom jig, plus two more cod (one of which may be foul hooked), and a trumpeter on the top hook, while fishing in Foveaux Strait, off Stewart Island.
Flasher Rigs or Sabiki Rigs – Three main advantages over bait

Flasher Rigs and Sabiki Rigs – Terminal Tackle With Allan Burgess In most situations, flasher.

Fenwick Feralite fibre-glass fly rod.
Fenwick Feralite Fibreglass Fly Rod

Fenwick Feralite Many Kiwi anglers will remember with fondness the old Fenwick Feralite fiberglass fly.

Breakaway sinker featured image.
Breakaway Surfcasting Sinkers for distance casting and firm grip on the sea bottom

Breakaway Surfcasting Sinkers The breakaway sinker, I believe, first originated in England . The idea.

How to fish with soft plastic fishing lures in New Zealand – by Kilwell’s Graham Andrews

Soft Plastics Although I have yet to take a tarakihi on one, soft plastic baits.