Gamakatsu Live Bait hooks.
Gamakatsu Hooks Profile by Chris Wong

Gamakatsu Fish Hooks Fishing hooks have been around for centuries helping put a bit of.

Shimano TLD two speed spooled with braid.
Braided Lines for Deepsea Fishing

Advantages of Braid for Deepsea, Spinning and Trolling Until the late 1990s deep-sea fishing meant using.

Sufix Performance Braid
Sufix Performance Braid – Available in 150 and 300-yard spools

Sufix Performance Braid Over the last 18 months, I have tried a number of different.

Shimano TR 200 G
Shimano Charter Special

Shimano Charter Special Notable for its superb lever drag the Shimano Charter Special is ideal.

Shimano TR200G featured image
Shimano TR 200 G – Ideal for jigging, casting, trolling and bait fishing

Shimano TR 200 G The Shimano TR200G is a bit of a star drag reel..

Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT-featured
Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT

Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT The Shimano Moocher Plus 2000 GT is a very popular and.

Shimano TLD 50
Shimano TLD-2 Speed

Shimano TLD-2 Speed Shimano TLD-2 speed reels have been very popular with New Zealand anglers.

Shimano TSS IV
Shimano SpeedMaster TSS-IV

Shimano SpeedMaster TSS-IV When targeting kingfish with poppers from the deck of a launch, casting.

The red Enticer 1200 TW (Twill Weave) is better suited to heavier 68 gm weight-forward ticers. I have one of these myself. The quality is excellent.
Enticer 1200TW Salmon Rod – Designed for salmon/surf fishing

Enticer 1200TW Salmon Rod Kilwell’s new Enticer 1200TW arrived in time for the 1998/99 salmon.

Shimano TSMiV
Shimano SpeedMaster TSM-III and TSM-IV

Shimano SpeedMaster TSM-III and TSM-IV There is perhaps one reel that is more popular, in.