Sufix Performance Braid
Sufix Performance Braid – Available in 150 and 300-yard spools

Sufix Performance Braid Over the last 18 months, I have tried a number of different.

Shimano TR 200 G
Shimano Charter Special

Shimano Charter Special Notable for its superb lever drag the Shimano Charter Special is ideal.

Shimano TR200G featured image
Shimano TR 200 G – Ideal for jigging, casting, trolling and bait fishing

Shimano TR 200 G The Shimano TR200G is a bit of a star drag reel..

Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT-featured
Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT

Shimano Moocher PLUS 2000GT The Shimano Moocher Plus 2000 GT is a very popular and.

Shimano TLD 50
Shimano TLD-2 Speed

Shimano TLD-2 Speed Shimano TLD-2 speed reels have been very popular with New Zealand anglers.

Shimano TSS IV
Shimano SpeedMaster TSS-IV

Shimano SpeedMaster TSS-IV When targeting kingfish with poppers from the deck of a launch, casting.

The red Enticer 1200 TW (Twill Weave) is better suited to heavier 68 gm weight-forward ticers. I have one of these myself. The quality is excellent.
Enticer 1200TW Salmon Rod – Designed for salmon/surf fishing

Enticer 1200TW Salmon Rod Kilwell’s new Enticer 1200TW arrived in time for the 1998/99 salmon.

Shimano TSMiV
Shimano SpeedMaster TSM-III and TSM-IV

Shimano SpeedMaster TSM-III and TSM-IV There is perhaps one reel that is more popular, in.

Shimano Calcutta CTE700
Shimano Calcutta CTE700

Shimano Calcutta CTE700 Salmon anglers in particular will love this reel. The Shimano Calcutta CTE700 holds.

Shimano Calcutta CT-700
Shimano Calcutta CT-700 Baitcaster Fishing Reel

Shimano Calcutta CT-700 Baitcaster Shimano added the CT-700 to their Calcutta series of baitcasting reels.