Shakespeare Medalist 6600G
Shakespeare Medalist 6600G – Tackle Test

Shakespeare Medalist 6600G In the North Island we’d call the Shakespeare Medalist a snapper reel,.

The 8540 (pictured top) uses finer steel and a very slim needle sharp point without sacrificing hook strength. The other heavier gage hook is a high carbon model from VMC. It is still a good hook but you have to keep it sharp with a file. It is also heavier and has a fatter point.
VMC Forged Vanadiun Steel Cone Cut Point – Salmon Fishing Treble Hooks

VMC Forged Vanadiun Steel Treble Hooks VMC 8540 Treble Hooks If you want to turn.

Berkley rods
Berkley Gorilla Stick Light-Weight Salmon Rods

Berkley Gorilla Stick with Allan Burgess In salmon fishing, unlike trolling from a boat, or.

Harrison Rod.
Harrison Salmon Rod – 13’6″ salmon/surf rod – Made in England

Harrison Salmon Rod by Neil Scott Review of the Harrison salmon rod. The moment had.

Shimanao 20-40S
Shimano 20-40S

Shimano 20-40S The TLD Star 20/40S is identical in most respects to the TSM SpeedMaster.

Daiwa M-One Salmon Mooching Reel

Daiwa M-One Salmon Mooching Reel The Daiwa M-One has been around for quite some time.

Alvey Saltwater Fly Reel.
Alvey Saltwater Fly Reel Reviewed by Allan Burgess

Alvey Saltwater Fly Reel Reviewed by Allan Burgess Alvey is well known Australian manufacturers of.

The rugged Alvey 650GRC
Alvey 650 GRC High Speed Spinning and Surfcasting Reel

Alvey 650 GRC with Allan Burgess This is an unusual Alvey reel in that it.

Abu Garcia Ambassadeur 6500C

Ambassadeur 6500C The Abu 6500-C3 Classic reel has for over two decades been the baitcaster.

Being able to tie a simple dropper rig like this one is an important fishing skill.
Tying Simple Fishing Rigs

How to tie fishing rigs Tying droppers in monofilament fishing line to form a sprat,.