long-tailed stingray Dasyatis thetidis
Rays and Skates – Stingray, Eagle Ray, Skates, Other Rajiformes

Rays and Skates – Skate Video by Dick Marquand Rays and skates often cause anglers.

Rebecca Dore with a big 9.5kg albacore tuna taken off the Kaikoura Coast.
Albacore Tuna – Thunnus alalunga – Chicken of the Sea! – Video

Albacore Tuna – How to catch – By Allan Burgess Thunnus alalunga. Other names: tuna, ‘cokes’, ‘chicken.

The first southern bluefin tuna caught in Fiordland waters on game fishing gear.
Bluefin Tuna – The First Tuna Fishing Expedition to the Fiordland Sounds

Bluefin Tuna – The First Tuna Fishing Expedition to the Fiordland Sounds by Dick Marquand.

Yellow-eyed mullet shoal by size. Smaller fish like this one just 60mm in length can be found in huge shoals over the summer around river mouths and along the coast.
Yellow-eyed Mullet – Aldrichetta forsteri – found in harbours, estuaries, tidal rivers

Yellow-eyed Mullet – How to Catch them for Bait Yellow-eyed mullet are often incorrectly called.

Ling - Genypterus blacodes
Ling – Genypterus blacodes – Usually taken in deep-water

Ling – Cusk eels (family Ophidiidae) Ling is also called Hoka. Ling nowadays is considered a.

Anchovy – Engraulis australis. It is easily distinguished from other small baitfish by its undershot lower jaw.
Anchovy – Engraulis australis – average length between 8 and 12 cm

Anchovy – Engraulis-australis Anchovy is known to Maori as kokowhawha or korowhaw Anchovy is common around the North.

Groper Hapuka Bay of Plenty
Hapuka or Groper – How to Catch Hapuka in Deep Water

How to Catch Hapuka by Andrew Padlie Andrew Padlie takes a look at the deepwater.

Dwayne Aberhart with an even bigger rig shark caught surfcasting near Christchurch in December 2016. It weighed in at a massive 41 lbs. Congratulations Dwayne.
Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Lemonfish – Strong Fighter

Rig Shark are Often Caught by Surfcasters at Night – aka: Lemonfish, smoothhound, gummy shark.

John Dory caught by Dane Rayner in Breaker Bay, Wellington.
John Dory – Zeus faber – live bait is best but will take mussel baits

John Dory – Zeus faber Also called Kuparu John Dory are frequently caught around the.

Silvery Oarfish - Regalecus glesne
Silvery Oarfish – Regalecus glesne – Rare Fish Found Beachcast

Silvery Oarfish Found Beachcast at Masons Bay, Stewart Island by Dick Marquand While on a.