Cooking Your Catch In the Wok – Kaikoura and Trumpter

Cooking Your Catch In the Wok with Keith Chin I’d heard a bit about the.

This blue cod is in the Marlborough Sounds. He’s a friendly chap. Photograph courtesy of Jenna Stone.
Blue Cod (Parapercis colias) – How to Catch Blue Cod Fishing Tips

Blue Cod – Parapercis colias Other names: Rawaru, patutuki by Allan Burgess Blue Cod – Parapercis.

Skipjack Tuna.
Skipjack Tuna – Katsuwonus pelamis – Powerful barrel-shaped body

Skipjack Tuna – Katsuwonus pelamis Other Names: Arctic bonito, oceanic bonito, skippies, striped tuna, or.

Malcolm Bell fishing for kahawai on light tackle.
Kahawai Spin Fishing at River Mouths – Great on Light Tackle Video

Kahawai Fishing at River Mouths on Light Tackle Video Kahawai is one of the most.

Red Gurnard - Chelidonichthys kumu
Gurnard, Red – Chelidonichthys kumu – How to catch this tasty fish – Video

Other names for gurnard: Kumukumu is the Maori name, also widely known as Carrots! Video Title: Grunting.

Yellowfin Tuna caught in the South Pacific near Tonga by Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler, Christchurch, N.Z.
Yellowfin Tuna Fishing – Found in Upper North Island Waters Over Summer

Yellowfin Tuna – Thunnus albacares Other Names: Ahi (fire in Hawaiian), yellowfin, Allison tuna (the.

Mahi mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish - Coryphaena hippurus caught off the Tongan Islands. Photo, Malcolm Bell, The Complete Angler tackle store, Christchurch.
Mahi mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish – Coryphaena hippurus – How to Catch

Other Names:  Mahi mahi, Dorado, Dolphinfish, and Shiira. The name Mahi mahi is Hawaiian in.

This yellowtail all but inhaled the blue and silver Rapala CD 18 plug.
Yellowtail – King of Broken Water – Milford Sound, Fiordland

Yellowtail – King of Broken Water by Dick Marquand The yellowtail kingfish, or kingi as.

Rod Shearman with a 7kg snapper caught right on dusk. How to Catch Snapper.
How to Catch Snapper – Location, Bait, Presentation, Rigs, Tackle

How to Catch Snapper by Andrew Padlie Catching snapper would have to be every Kiwi’s.

Snapper caught from Northland's Ninety Mile Beach. This is the fish every surfcaster wants to catch. Photo courtesy of Denis Moresby.
Snapper – Pagrus auratus – New Zealand’s most popular fish!

Snapper – Pagrus auratus Snapper are found in the North Island and upper South Island.