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New Zealand Sea Fishes

Albacore Tuna – Thunnus alalunga
Anchovy – Engraulis australis
Banded Wrasse – Pseudolabrus fucicola
Barracouta – Thyrsites atun – Manga
Bass – Sea Bass and Bass Groper
Blue Cod (Parapercis colias)
Blue Mackerel – Scomber australasicus
Blue Moki – Latridopsis ciliaris
Blue Shark – Prionace glauca
Bluefin – Pacific bluefin tuna 300 kg (660 lb 6 oz) Thunnus orientalis
Bluefin – Pacific Bluefin Tuna a Possible World Record!
Bluefin Tuna – Thunnus maccoyi – southern bluefin tuna
Bluenose Warehou – Hyperoglyphe antarctic
Broadbill Swordfish – Xiphias gladius
Butterfish – Odax pullus – widely known in New Zealand as Greenbone
Carpet Shark
Conger Eel – Leptocephalus verreauxi
Elephant Fish – Callorhinchus milii
Frostfish – Lepidopus caudatus
Garfish-piper – Hyporhamphus ihi
Great White Shark – Carcharodon-carcharias
Groper – Polyprion oxygeneios
Gurnard, Red – Chelidonichthys kumu
Hammerhead Shark
Jack Mackerel – Trachurus novaezelandiaev – also called Horse Mackerel and Yellowtail
John Dory – Zeus faber
Kahawai – Arripis trutta – Kahawai fishing on light tackle, softbaits, and the fly rod.
Kahawai Spin Fishing at River Mouths – Plus great light-tackle kahawai video action
Ling – Genypterus blacodes
Mako Shark – Isurus oxyrinchus – Short Finned Mako
Mako Shark – Isurus-oxyrinchus – Hunting Mr Mako
Mako Shark weighing 153 kgs Caught off the Canterbury Coast
Pacific Pomfret – Brama brama
Pilchard Sardinops-neopilchardus
Poisonous Pufferfish – Contusus richei – also called Globefish or Boxfish
Porbeagle Shark – Lamna nasus – like the mako and great white can maintain its body temperature around 10 degrees C higher than the surrounding water temperature
Red Cod – Morid cods – Pseudophycis bachus
Red Rock Lobster – Jasus edwardsii
Rig Shark – Mustelus lenticulatus – Spotted Dogfish
Rough Skate – Raja nasuta – Skate are a common catch for surfcasters around the South Island
Scarlet Wrasse – Pseudolabrus miles
Sea Perch – Helicolenus percoides – the fish with many names
Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks
Silvery Oarfish – Regalecus glesne
Snapper – Chrysophrys auratus – New Zealand’s most popular fish!
Southern Bastard Red Cod – Pseudophycis barbata
Spiny dogfish – Squalus acanthias – small migratory shark
Spotty – Notolabrus celidotus
Sprats are a small oily baitfish found mostly around the South Island of New Zealand
Stingray – Short-tailed Stingray – Dasyatis brevicaudatus
Tarakihi – Nemadactylus macropterus
Thresher Shark – Alopias vulpinus
Tope or School Shark can fight strongly hence the reason it is regarded by the International Game Fish Association as a game fish
Trumpeter – Latris lineata
Tuna, Albacore – Thunnus alalunga
Tuna, Butterfly Tuna – Gasterochisma melampus
Tuna, Southern Bluefin – Thunnus maccoyi
Tuna, Slender – allothunnus-fallai
Yellow Cod – Parapercis gilliesi
Yellow-eyed Mullet – aldrichetta forsteri
Yellowtail Kingfish – Seriola lalandi

Silvery Oarfish – Regalecus glesne – Rare Fish Found Beachcast

Silvery Oarfish - Regalecus glesne

Silvery Oarfish Found Beachcast at Masons Bay, Stewart Island by Dick Marquand David Musgrave with the rare silvery oarfish found washed ashore at Masons Bay, Stewart Island. Photo courtesy of David Musgrave. While on a deer hunt with an American client, South Island guide David Musgrave came across a rare silvery oarfish that had been washed ashore at More...

by Allan Burgess | Published 2 weeks ago
Hammerhead shark - Sphyrna zygaena.
By Allan Burgess On Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Hammerhead Shark – Big specimens feed on stingrays

Hammerhead Shark – Sphyrna zygaena Alistair Milne caught this enormous hammerhead shark weighing 159.2kg on 24kg tackle during a Tutukaka Small Boats Tournament. It is almost certainly a smooth or common More...

Broadbill Swordfish - Xiphias gladius. This is a fibreglass mount made by well known Canterbury Taxidermist Peter Ritchie of a broadbill that was washed ashore near New Brighton Beach, Canterbury.
By Allan Burgess On Saturday, December 16th, 2017

Broadbill Swordfish – Xiphias gladius – common in New Zealand waters

Broadbill Swordfish by Dick Marquand Common Name: Broadbill Swordfish Other Names: Swordfish, Broadbill Scientific Name: Xiphias gladius Broadbill Swordfish – Xiphias gladius. This is a fibreglass mount made More...

By Allan Burgess On Sunday, December 3rd, 2017

White Shark – Carcharodon carcharias – Fishing Methods

Grea White Sharks by Allan Burgess The White Shark Leviathan of the Deep by Dick Marquand White Shark Game Fish Profile by Dick Marquand Also known as White Shark, White Death, Man Eater, or White Pointer (in More...

Threasher shark
By Allan Burgess On Friday, December 1st, 2017

Thresher Shark – Alopias vulpinus – easily recognized from its very long tail

Thresher shark caught off Fiordland. Photo Dick Marquand. Thresher Shark – Updated by Allan Burgess and Dick Marquand (see below) The thresher shark is easily recognized from its very long tail. The upper More...

By Allan Burgess On Thursday, November 30th, 2017

Kahawai Spin Fishing at River Mouths – Great on light-tackle -video

Malcolm Bell from The Complete Angler fishing tackle store, in Christchurch, demonstrates considerable skill and technique to catch and release fish after fish on light spinning gear and 6lb line. Malcolm was fishing More...

Groper Hapuka Featured image
By Allan Burgess On Friday, November 3rd, 2017

Hapuka or Groper – How to Catch Hapuka in Deep Water

How to Catch Hapuka by Andrew Padlie Bass – Polyprion americanus – weighing 39 kg caught by Colin Dreaver. Photograph Andrew Padlie. Andrew Padlie takes a look at the deepwater reefs of Tauranga More...

Red cod
By Allan Burgess On Tuesday, October 17th, 2017

Red Cod – Morid cods – Pseudophycis bachus – a good eating fish

Red Cod – Pseudophycis bachus Red cod; also called hoka Pseudophycis bachus Red cod are a fish that many anglers love to hate. A fish that has none of the sporting qualities of our more sort after species. More...

Trumpeter fish.
By Allan Burgess On Thursday, October 12th, 2017

Trumpeter – Latris lineata – Found mostly over rocky foul ground

A freshly caught trumpeter has a brightly coloured handsome appearance. This one was caught by Allan Burgess fishing off Stewart Island. Trumpeter – Latris lineata Trumpeter is a welcome catch for More...

Sevengill shark caught by Lewis Garton at Birdlings Flat.
By Allan Burgess On Tuesday, August 1st, 2017

Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks – Sevengillers are often caught by surfcasters

This sevengill is more grey in colour rather than brown. Sevengill and Sixgill Sharks by Allan Burgess The Sevengiller and Other Cow Sharks by Dick Marquand   In 1992 a large sixgill shark was taken in More...