Coarse Fishing

Coarse Fishing in New Zealand. You must have a Fish & Game New Zealand Sports Fishing Licence to fish for coarse fish in New Zealand. Perch (Perca fluviatilis), Tench (Tinca tinca), Rudd (Scardinius erythrophthalmus). They are known as coarse fish because of their coarse scales.

Perch – Perca fluviatilis – Redfin Perch Introduced freshwater fish

Perch - Perca fluviatilis - introduced freshwater fish Perch are a European freshwater fish species first introduced into New Zealand…


Rudd – Coarse Fish Species – New Zealand Freshwater Fishes

Rudd - Scardinius erythophthalmus One of the species of coarse fish that we target here in Canterbury is the much-maligned…


Worms – Starting A Wormery for Freshwater Fish Bait

From Coarse Fishing Corner by the Canterbury Coarse Fishing Club There is scarcely a freshwater species of fish that at…


Coarse Fishing – Getting Started with a Basic Float Fishing Kit

Assembling a Basic Float Fishing Kit for Coarse Fishing Setting up a basic set of tackle for float fishing. One…


Tench Fishing in New Zealand – Course Fish Species

The Tench - Tinca tinca Considering the extensive liberations that are known to have taken place in the 1860s and…


Paternoster Coarse Fishing Rig – Ideal when windy and after dark

The Paternoster An old-fashioned and unusual name for a simple technique. It developed from a legering background although the float…


Old Fishing Licences – Trout, Perch and Tench – Coarse Fishing

Old Fishing Licences Included Tench and Perch Old Fishing Licences Old fishing licences make for fascinating reading. The Canterbury Float…


Noxious Fish No! Noxious Fishermen Yes! A light hearted look at other anglers

Noxious Fish No! Noxious Fishermen Yes! I thought it would be a good idea to take a light-hearted look at…


Fishing for Eels – Eels are a NZ Native Species

Fishing for Eels Some coarse fishing clubs include eels in their fishing events Eels on the prowl, Canterbury New Zealand…


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