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Tinnie – A New Zealand Colloquialism for a Small Aluminum Boat

The Humble Tinnie by Hayden James No matter where in the South Island you go it is hard not to…


Jet Boat Canterbury Rivers – Purist and Petrol Head – Graeme Kennerley

Jet Boating Canterbury Rivers - Purist and Petrol Head - Fly Fishing and Jet Boating? by Graeme Kennerley At first…


Buying Your First Boat or Kayak – Tips, advice, and points to consider

  Buying your first boat - Tips, advice and points to consider With Allan Burgess Before buying your first boat there…


Inflatable Boat – Is it any good for fishing?

Inflatable Boat - Is it any good for fishing? To the best of our knowledge the firm Better Boats mentioned…


McLay 460 Softie Trailer Boat

McLay 460 Softie Trailer Boat The McLay Softie range extends from 2.4 metres to an impressive 6-metre model. Although Steve…


Stabi-Craft 490 RBB Test

Stabi-Craft 490 RBB Test Having had a great run from the little Stabi-Craft 430 for over a year, I was…


Stabi-Craft 430 – Excellent lake fishing for trout and inshore at sea

Stabi-Craft 430 Stabi-Craft 430 Boat Test Having operated a Stabi-Craft 430 for almost a year, I feel qualified to make…


McLay 530 Fisherman

McLay 530 Fisherman As the name suggests the McLay 530 Fisherman has been designed and built with the serious angler…


Outboard Jet Units – Great Salmon and Trout Fishing in Braided Rivers

Outboard Jet Units Outboard Jet Units are ideal for salmon and trout fishing on braided rivers Have you ever wondered…


Wooldridge Jet Boat Powered by Outboard Jet Unit

Wooldridge Jet Boat Have you ever been fishing in the braided Rakaia, Rangitata, or Waitaki Rivers and watched as a…


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