Baits and Berley

Hints, tips and ideas on different baits for fishing. How and where to catch your own bait. How to make and use berley to catch more fish.

Catching Small Fish from Wharves and Jetties – Tip, try smaller hooks

How to fish from wharves and Jetties Despite being a surfcasting fanatic I still find tiddler fishing irresistible. I guess…


How to Catch Yabbies, or Ghost Shrimp, with a Bait Pump – Exclusive Fishingmag Only Video

Yabbies are Top Mullet Bait - Video  Video Title: How to Catch Yabbies with a Bait Pump. Video Description: Live yabbies…


Yellow-eyed Mullet – Aldrichetta forsteri – found in harbours, estuaries, tidal rivers

Yellow-eyed Mullet - How to Catch them for Bait Yellow-eyed mullet are often incorrectly called herrings Fishing Rigs Shown Below…


Surfcasting Baits – Using different baits to target different species

Surfcasting Baits Using different baits to target different species Surfcasting bait is a very interesting subject. Different baits are used…


Berley, or Chum – Using Berley to Catch More Fish – Video

How to use berley to increase your catch rate Video Title: Berley Basics with Allan Burgess. Description: You will catch…


Mussels Make the Best Bait – Easy to find at low tide

Mussels Make the Best Bait by Barrie Clark "Let's go and gather some mussels," suggested Butch. We'll go fishing after tea…


Casting Nets are a great way of quickly catching baitfish

Casting Nets Once you have seen a casting net being used to land mullet, or garfish to be used as…


Swimming Crab – Ovalipes catharus – paddle crabs are top bait for rig and moki

Swimming crab - Ovalipes catharus - often called Paddle Crab, also Papaka Often called paddle crabs. The width of the carapace…


Tuatua Shellfish Baits – Salted and Fresh make excellent fish bait for many species

Tuatua Tuatua and Southern Tuatua (which is slightly bigger in size) are closely related to the pipi (found mostly in…


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