Within a a matter of just minutes the sea has become very rough. Not good if you were offshore in a boat or kayak. You can just make out something carried out to sea by the wind near the top center of the picture. Keep in mind also that something like ten minutes earlier the sea was blue and calm.
Terror Wind Near Kaikoura

Almost Blown Out to Sea by Powerful Northwest Wind A fortnight ago, November 2014, I spent a.

Fishing Van or 4×4 Truck; which is more useful?

Fishing Van or 4×4 Truck – Pros and Cons? Here is a question for you.

Fishing Van
Fishing from a Different Angle; Travelling to the Best Fishing Spots

Travelling to the Best Fishing Spots It has been a very interesting couple of months.

kahawai fishing tops featured image
Kahawai Fishing Tips: Techniques, Lures, Spots – Video

Kahawai Fishing Tips Kahawai – Arripis trutta Here are some top kahawai fishing tips you.

A young salmon of the size that are released by Fish & Game.
Illegal Salmon Release at Lake Camp

Illegal Salmon Release at Lake Camp in the Canterbury high country I read a report.

Metal trout spoons.
Top 10 Fishing Tips! Good jobs for when it is cold and wet outside!

Top 10 Fishing Tips What does the trawler fisherman do when the sea is too.

Truck crossing water
The Price of Fish Hooks Comes Down, driving in water, tying fishing rigs

Crossing to the Island I was at the mouth of the Waimakariri River yesterday and.

jig-head weights featured image
Correct Jig Head Weights can increase soft-bait hook-ups!

Importance of correct jig head weight When fishing soft plastics correct jig head weights can make.