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Weddell, Mike – 10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies

10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies

Where and when to use them and how to tie them

by Mike Weddell

Published by Hyndman Publishing First published 1987 ISBN 0-86868-097-4. Size: 210mm x 140mm. Eight colour pages. 64 pages
10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies by Mike Weddell.

10 of the Best New Zealand Trout Flies by Mike Weddell.

“The late Bill McLay, a noted fly fisher, felt it should be compulsory for angling authors to present their credentials in order to help readers judge an author’s worth. So, here are mine, and those of the flies in this book: I have been angling between 50 and 80 times a season for the past seven seasons and have fished dozens of rivers, streams and lakes. These waters provide a good cross-section of the different types of water in which trout are found. And, most importantly, the ten flies covered in this book have produced over 1500 fish for me during these seven seasons.

Mike Weddell claims that wherever you go the bulk of trout food is based on relatively few food forms, consequently, the basic techniques described in this book translate well from region to region, and country to country. In other words, these flies and these methods will catch trout wherever you fish.

Mike Weddell is a fly fisherman with few peers. As a competitive caster, he has not only won the world professional title but has been British All Round fly casting champion five times as well as setting numerous casting records. The angling columnist of the Otago Daily Times since 1981, Mike Weddell has taught fly fishing and fly tying classes since 1972.”

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