Marsh, Norman – Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand – How To Imitate And Use Them

Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand – How To Imitate And Use Them by Norman Marsh. 1983 Millwood Press edition.

Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand – How To Imitate And Use Them

by Norman Marsh

First published 1983 by Millwood Press, reprinted 1985, Published by Penguin Books (NZ) Ltd 1989. ISBN 0-86479-047-3. Size: 280mm x 215mm. 224 pp total. Softcover and Hardcover.
2004 edition ISBN 9781877256363. Hard Cover 290mm x 233mm. Halcyon Press

Norman Marsh’s Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand has been much in demand since it was first published in 1983. It begins by taking the reader on a fascinating tour of the streamside, introduces the various insects that make their homes there and includes important streamside lore for the angler. A combination of photographs, many in full colour, and line drawings provide a wealth of attractive detail.

Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand – How To Imitate And Use Them by Norman Marsh. This edition published in 1989.

The second half of the book is devoted to imitation trout flies and covers materials, practical fly tying, trout flies past and present and several chapters on patterns. Each chapter is fully illustrated, again with many photographs in full colour.

The book closes with several classic angling stories, the perfect finale to this attractive and well-researched volume.

Norman Marsh was born in Nelson, England, a small Lancashire town near the Yorkshire border and was an ardent angler by the time he was ten years old. He arrived in New Zealand in 1953 and has continued to chase trout at every opportunity. He is a member of the Limnological and Entomological Societies, a founder member of the Southland Fly Fishing Club and councillor for the Southland Acclimatisation Society and is a regular feature writer for Rod & Rifle magazine.

For many years he was also the angling correspondent and book reviewer for the Southland Times under the pseudonym “Halcyon”.

This book is very highly regarded by New Zealand fly anglers – Allan Burgess

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