Parsons, John – A Taupo Season, A Bedside Book of Trout Fishing in New Zealand

A Taupo Season - A Bedside Book of Trout Fishing in New Zealand by John Parsons

A Taupo Season – A Bedside Book of Trout Fishing in New Zealand

A Taupo Season - A Bedside Book of Trout Fishing in New Zealand by John Parsonsby John Parsons

Publisher: Auckland N.Z., Collins, 1979. ISBN 0002169452. Hard-cover 227 pages.

This is a fireside, bedside book for those men and women who love to fish for trout, who love to read of fishing for trout, who love to think and talk of fishing for trout, and who habitually ponder the innumerable facets of fishing for trout.

The author is one of these people. He also loves to write about fishing for trout, and his writing is informed and informative, stimulating and always entertaining. The book contains 85 dissertations on almost as many different trout-fishing topics — to name only a few, he writes of great fishing personalities, the restoration of lakes, tackle catalogues, sublunarism and astrology as debatable factors in success, the improvement of casting techniques, the wickedness of willows, taxidermy, trout psychology, fishermen’s lib, local and international fishing literature — the list goes on and on.

Although written and set mostly in the Taupo area, the great majority of the material is applicable to any other part of New Zealand and, indeed, to any waters of the world where anglers pit their skill against rainbow and brown.

Though intended as a book to be dipped into for relaxed reading, much of it gives food for serious thought. Not all fishermen will agree with every one of john Parson’s conclusions, but this is one of the charms of his approach: he puts his point of view in terms that set one thinking — and what can be more pleasant than thinking about fishing for trout?

Mr Parsons is by profession a photographer, so it is not surprising that the quality of his illustrations matches that of his writing.

JOHN PARSONS believes he is one of the luckiest men alive. Thirty years ago, as a coarse-fisherman in England, he could only read and dream of Taupo trout. Now, after six years of Taupo residence following twenty years of existence in Wellington (relieved by trout-fishing at Taupo and elsewhere), his dream has come abundantly true. Not only this, he’s made a vocational dream come true too, marrying photography to the writing that has meant so much to him, and others, since his first contribution to the old Fishing Gazette of England.

His creative work and his responsibilities to his home and family keep him busy – but never so busy that he can’t find time for fishing, or writing about fishing, or photographing fishing, or running some fine fishing book to earth (his ‘small’ collection of angling books must be one of the finest in the country).

John Parsons is a foundation member of the Taupo Fly-fishers’ Club and a vice-president of the Federation of Lake Taupo Angling, Shooting, and Boating Clubs.

John Parsons passed away in 2014 aged 89.

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