Norman Marsh’s Trout Fishing – Published by The Halcyon Press 1990

Norman Marsh's Trout Fishing Published by The Halcyon Press. Publication date: 1990 first edition. Hardcover. 160pp. ISBN 0 908685 60…

Norman Marsh’s Trout Fishing

Norman Marsh’s Trout Fishing
Published by The Halcyon Press. Publication date: 1990 first edition. Hardcover. 160pp. ISBN 0 908685 60 2

About this book, Norman Marsh needs little introduction to New Zealand anglers. His first book “Trout Stream Insects of New Zealand” was an instant success when it first appeared in 1983. His next book aimed at younger readers ”The Young Angler” helped to earn him a whole new generation of readers.

With this book, Norman Marsh continues to share the wealth of trout fishing experience he has gleaned in over fifty years of dedicated angling. He combines instruction with humour and an easy to read relaxed style. Covering most aspects of trout fishing from trout behaviour, through choosing suitable tackle combinations, casting, stream craft, tying trout flies, with a comprehensive pattern list of recommended flies and advising on successful methods for fishing lakes, rivers and streams. Believing that there is no need to always learn the hard way when good advice produces short cuts, Norman has packed this book with good advice.

Illustrated with photographs by the author, Jean Marsh and Vern Williams. Line drawings by the author and written by a dedicated angler. Norman Marsh’s Trout Fishing ends with a collection of vintage stories illustrating many of the tricks of the trade gleaned from extensive fishing trips around New Zealand. Cover photograph by Jean Marsh.

About the author

Born 1925 in Nelson Lancashire, Norman Marsh became an angler from an early age, fishing for bullies and minnows with a garden cane and bent pin. An apprenticeship followed, fishing the English canals and reservoirs for dace, roach, perch and pike, so laying the foundation for a lifetime’s angling experience. His teenage years, fishing for trout on Yorkshire streams, were to end during World War II when he served at sea on Atlantic and Pacific convoys.

Arriving in New Zealand in 1953, his destination proved to be ideal. Southland with its myriad rivers and lakes, brim-full of trout, was, in his favourite phrase, ‘Paradise’. He was at one time in charge of the electrical maintenance of Milford Track Hostels. Paradise indeed. They are very close to the Clinton River and some very large rainbows.

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