Jensen, Tony – Trout of the Tongariro

Trout of the Tongariro by Tony Jensen

Trout of the Tongariro by Tony JensenTrout of the Tongariro

by Tony Jensen

A.H. & A.W. Reed Limited, Wellington, New Zealand. First Published 1974. ISBN O 589 00858 7 Size: 220mm x 140mm. 202pp total. Black and white photographs. Line art maps. Hard cover.

“Tony Jensen is one of the lucky ones a passionately dedicated angler who is also a fishing safari guide by profession.

His home waters are those of the lovely Tongariro River – “the best trout river in the world” – that flows through dozens of magnificent pools and reaches to join with Lake Taupo; and though the Tongariro is the heroine of this book, Mr Jensen deals too with trolling and harling on the mighty lake itself, and with its minor tributary fishing streams, and with the lively and exciting fish of Lake Rotoaira.

He has here written two books in one. There’s the genially practical guide to the tackle required, to the methods that bring success, to the localities and how best to fish them – all based on years and years of study and experience.

And then there’s Tony off-duty, full of entertaining stories, fish landed and fish lost, crazy clients and charming ones, yarns to make every good angler chuckle or gasp with excitement.

It is a book too of especial value for young anglers and beginners, for it gently stresses the virtues of commonsense safety practices when wading or boating; of good manners and helpfulness to others; of returning to the water the fish you catch but don’t need to take home.

In short, a book to help you catch more fish and with more enjoyment, and to relax with when the day’s fishing is done.

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