Fishing the Wild Places of New Zealand by Tony Orman

Fishing the Wild Places of New Zealand by Tony Orman.
Fishing the Wild Places of New Zealand by Tony Orman.

Fishing the Wild Places of New Zealand by Tony Orman

In his fifteenth book, Tony Orman tells of his adventures fishing in the hills and back-country of New Zealand. From bush-clad streams near towns to mountain rivers deep in the forest, in Fishing the Wild Places of New Zealand, Tony Orman tells of big fish and how to catch them.

His journeys probe the central and southern North Island mountains, backcountry Nelson and Marlborough, and down the spine of the South Island to Fiordland. On each occasion, he has tips and techniques to share with other anglers.

The practical chapters will help New Zealanders and visiting anglers to find and catch more trout themselves. Here is information on suitable tackle and flies – even a chapter on how to tie the patterns most likely to succeed with backcountry fish.

Tony Orman looks at the challenges presented by wilderness fishing. He tells, in particular, how to read the water successfully and to present the fly or nymph in the right way to catch fish.

His expeditions, lovingly described, range from hiking to driving in, even the use of a helicopter and drifting downstream in a rubber raft, to find the fish. The result is a wealth of ideas for fishing trips and a shared experience of making the most of the sport. Yet there is also concern for the fragile nature of wilderness and the need to catch and release trophy fish.

This is a fine book both for browsing and for planning similar adventures.

Tony Orman, is one of New Zealand’s foremost fishing and deerstalking authors. Many of his books, particularly on trout fishing, have been regarded highly and Trout with Nymph is often described as “a classic.” See also, Pelorus River Fishing for Rainbow and Brown Trout By Tony Orman.

His long-time deerstalking interests hint at a love of the mountains and it was on a deerstalking trip in the late fifties into the Tararua Ranges that he stumbled upon the quality of wilderness trout fishing.

Tony strives to retain and restore, in some cases, quality wilderness trout fishing. It reflects his involvement in conservation issues. In the past he has donated royalties from two books to sport-fishing organisations, has made several submissions to Parliamentary Select Committees, has reasoned and at times “waged war” with politicians and governments short-sighted enough to try commercialising trout by way of trout farming and has served on executive councils of fish and game administration.

Currently, he is South Pacific Director for the Federation of Flyfishers, an international organisation founded in the USA.

A professional journalist and now editor of a farming newspaper, Tony Orman has written travel articles published internationally and won an international award for travel writing. His fishing articles have appeared internationally also.

He and his wife, Bridget, are keen photographers, and their work forms the vast majority of photographs in this book. At the time of publication, they lived at Plimmerton, just north of Wellington.

ISBN 0-908608-52-7, Size 260mm x 190mm, Hard Cover. 160pp. Published by The Bush Press in 1991, Auckland. Sketches by Jim Ayres. Front cover: Fishing guide Dick Fraser of Cedar Lodge, Lake Wanaka, with a wilderness rainbow.

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