Draper, Keith – Hooked on Fly-Tying

Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper
Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper

Hooked on Fly-Tying

by Keith Draper

First published 1997 by Shoal Bay Press Ltd. ISBN 0-908704-60-7. 152pp A5 size. Soft Cover. Hundreds of line drawings showing fly tying sequences. Four additional colour pages.
Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper
Hooked on Fly-tying by Keith Draper.

In 1973 Keith Draper published a small book on tying trout flies that went on to sell over 20,000 copies worldwide. Now, in response to countless requests from anglers, he has written a new and enlarged book showing the use of new materials and designs, and written with the clarity and attention to detail you’d expect from the acknowledged expert.

Over 65 wet flies, streamers, dry flies and nymphs are covered, with clear and detailed line drawings making even the most complicated patterns clear to the fly-tier.

The fascinations of tying your own trout fly – shaping artificial materials to imitate the appearance and behaviour of natural prey – are unique. The satisfaction achieved, particularly when you land a fat trout on a fly of your own making, is hard to surpass.

Whether you are an old hand or a new convert to this absorbing pastime, this is the essential guide to successful fly-tying.

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