Destination Trout New Zealand by Kent Fraser and Adam Clancey

Destination Trout New Zealand by Kent Fraser and Adam Clancey

Destination Trout New Zealand

Published in New Zealand, 10 November 2006 by David Bateman Ltd. Dimensions 25.5 x 19 centimetres. Hardback. 176 pages. ISBN 1-86953-617-7. 
Destination Trout New Zealand by Kent Fraser and Adam Clancey
Destination Trout New Zealand by Kent Fraser and Adam Clancey.

Destination trout New Zealand is a trout fishing travel guide with a difference.  represents first-hand, detailed information on fly fishing throughout the country, together with other activities and attractions, against the backdrop of New Zealand’s incredible outdoors.

New Zealand is the ultimate destination for Anglers worldwide to selling the dream of big fighting fish in pristine Wilderness surroundings.  Kent Fraser and Adam Clancy have been fishing the best trout spots in New Zealand for many years and they have selected 12 magic locations to share.  every location featured has been walked, phished, filmed and photographed, often in the company of local experts and fishing friends.

Mangatutu Stream,  Ohinemuri and Whirinaki River, Tongariro River, Lake Otamangakau,  Hurunui River, Arnold and Grey Rivers, Rangitata River, Ahuriri River,  Wanaka Lakes District, Mataura River.

Some locations are famous, while others are less well-known or more remote. All offer exceptional fly fishing and represent the full diversity of waters available in New Zealand, from dainty spring-fed creeks to alpine lakes and expansive braided river systems. These destinations are accessible to ordinary anglers (not just those with the budgets for helicopters) and range from water that you can park your car next to through to more remote and challenging fishing.

This is a what, where, how and when ‘no secrets’ guide. All the essential fishing information –  Maps, techniques for different locations, the best flies, when the fish and local tips – is with on and comma from jet boating to ballooning, tramping to fine wine.

DVD. There was also a 3-hour DVD that was released with this book. The DVD had the same name as the book.

Kent Fraser. Born in 1967 to a family with a long association with outdoor pursuits and exploration, Kent Fraser has been an addicted angler and adventurer since his first raid on the family goldfish pond. A lifetime of travel and misadventure has been fuelled by a love of nature and an unceasing curiosity for the art of fly fishing.

Based in the United Kingdom and Asia for the last decade, Kent has travelled the globe fishing, mountain biking and hiking in some of the most exotic and inaccessible corners of Asia, Africa, Europe and the Caribbean. 

With other experienced anglers, he helped pioneer a successful sportfishing and mountain biking tourism business in Mongolia during the mid-1990s.  But it is the familiar landscape of New Zealand that continues to provide the ultimate playground for the pursuit of trout on the fly.

A graduate of Auckland University and the Sir Edmund Hillary Outdoor Pursuits Centre,  Kent has shared many of his experiences by writing articles for travel and fishing magazines and through photographic and audio-visual productions from his enterprises and LiveBait Productions.

Adam Clancey has always had a passion for angling and this passion has led him to some of the best trout fishing spots in New Zealand.  alarm with fishing, he has written many articles and been involved in publishing fishing magazines. Adam has also been involved with the formation of fishing clubs and advising governing bodies.

His experiences and knowledge have seen him in demand as a speaker on the subject. He produces, writes and presents a TV show on SKY Sport, Fishing New Zealand, and has fished exotic locations in the South Pacific, including Fiji and Tonga.  His most recent book was Fishing New Zealand (Bateman, 2005).

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