Christie, Laurence – Flies That Catch Trout

Flies That Catch Trout

by Laurence Christie

Published by The Halcyon Press. First published 1991, Reprinted 1993 and 1995. ISBN 0-908685-75-0 Size: 175mm x 90mm. 64pp total. Including colour pictures of 40 flies.

“My fly box soon contained many famous patterns, but when opening it by the river, I often couldn’t remember which fly was which, let alone which fly to use.”

Laurence Christie didn’t become a trout angler in his formative years, and as the above quote indicates, was soon struggling with the complexities of the sport.

Using skills developed in the Research and Development departments of industry, he began by applying the same techniques to researching fly fishing. From the early notes and practical experience, he has produced this unique little book.

We’re sure it’ll be invaluable to novice and experts alike because it contains the collective wisdom of many anglers, presented in an intelligent format that really simplifies fly selection.”

Each fly listed in the book includes information on the best size to use, when and where to use each fly, best time of day, the method to fish each fly, lines to use and which fish or insect the fly represents.

Flies illustrated in colour include: Pheasant Tail Nymph, Gold Ribbed Hare’s Ear, Kakahi Queen Nymph, Hare and Copper, Speckled Brown Nymph, Sulphur Nymph, Sandy Caddis Nymph, Horn Caddis (Sedge) Nymph, Woolly Caddis Nymph, Green Caddis Nymph, Stonefly Nymphs, Black Creeper Nymph, Waterboatman Nymph, Willow Grub, Midge Pupa, Damselfly Nymph, Dad’s Favourite, Early Brown, Kakahi Queen, Twilight Beauty, Sulphur Dun, Pye’s Sedge, Beetles, Black Gnat, Muddler Minnow, Hardy’s Favourite, Craig’s Night Time, Ichneumon Fly, Hamill’s Killer, Parson’s Glory, Black and Peacock, Rabbit Fly, Greenwell’s Glory, Coch-y-bondhu, Red Tipped Governor, Royal Coachman, Red Setter, Hairy Dog, Taupo Tiger, Smelt and Spider.

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