Chapman, Chappie – Dancing Rivers

Dancing Rivers by Chappie Chapman

Dancing Rivers by Chappie Chapman Dancing Rivers

by Chappie Chapman

Published by The Halcyon Press First published 2003 Softcover. 159pp. Size: 225mm x 180mm. Colour photographs, Black and White line drawings. ISBN 1-877256-32-3

“New Zealand is blessed with an abundance of rivers. They start high in the hills as mountain streams gathering power until they reach the lowlands where they spread and become rivers flowing through farms and forests on their way to the sea.

Trout, both brown and rainbow, inhabit most rivers of both main islands in New Zealand, they are pursued by fishermen and woman wherever they exist. Because of the differing nature of New Zealand rivers that can be as diverse as spring creeks to braided rivers, to fast flowing freestone rivers to slow lowland rivers, each type of river requires a different approach to be consistently successful in catching trout. This book will show you how.

Chappie Chapman is well known in New Zealand and to oversea’s anglers. He has been involved with trout fishing since an early age catching his first trout at the age of 13. he spent many years in the fishing tackle industry and helped design and develop many of the popular brands of fishing tackle on the market today.

For the past twenty years, he has been guiding local and oversea’s anglers around New Zealand. He also runs a fly fishing school and has taught many hundreds of people how to fish for trout successfully. His qualifications include Certified fly Fishing Instructor from the Federation of Fly Fishers in the USA and he is a member of The New Zealand Professional Fly Fishing Guides Association.

He lives in Christchurch, where his fishing school is based but guides throughout New Zealand.”

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