The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide by Andy Macleod

The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide by Andy Macleod.

The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide by Andy MacLeod

In this accessible guide to surfcasting in New Zealand, Andy McLeod shares his vast knowledge of the country’s inshore fishery in the pages of The Kiwi Surfcasting Guide.  He covers all the essentials, including what bait to use, the best time of day to fish,  and a few crafty tricks on how to catch fish as you are learning. 

Even if you already have surfcasting skills and experience under your belt, you will find this book useful for taking your fishing to a new level.

No matter where you live in New Zealand, if you are interested in surfcasting then this book is for you.  Andy has fished right around our coastline and has included a guide to the fishing opportunities and all regions north and south of Cook Strait.

Chapters include: 

  1. Surfcasting and ways to approach it. Surfcasting strategies, keeping a surf casting diary, managing expectations.
  2. New Zealand surfcasting species. Kahawai, snapper, trevally, red gurnard, blue moki, elephant fish, spotty shark, sharks, and other species encountered.
  3. New Zealand surfcasting regions.  Northland and Auckland, Coromandel and the Bay of Plenty, Taranaki, Gisborne and Hawke’s Bay, Lower North Island, Marlborough Sounds, South Island West Coast, South Island East Coast. 
  4. Choosing and fishing your spot. Shallow surf beaches, Moderate-grade beaches,  Deep beaches, and Other fishing positions.
  5. Working with nature. The seasons, Time of day, Night fishing, Swell and sea conditions, Wind and weather, The moon, and Tides. 
  6. How to catch fish when you are new to the sport.
  7. Tackle and equipment. Getting started,  Surfcasting rods, Surfcasting reels, Rod spikes, Fishing line, Accessories, Clothing and comfort, Transport,  Gear care and maintenance. 
  8. Surfcasting methods and techniques.  Casting, Setting your rod, The breakout system, Rigs, Slide baiting, Knots, Drag settings and playing fish,  Preparation,  pre-planning and organisation on the beach, Gaffing and netting fish. 
  9. Surfcasting baits and how to present them. Fish baits, Shellfish baits,  Cray,  crab and prawn baits, Squid and octopus baits, Big baits, Soft baits, The finer points of bait presentation,  Berley in the surf. 
  10. Glory Days
  11. Conclusions


The Author

Andy McLeod is a Wellington-based surfcaster and fishing writer. This is his second book, following, Fishing the Remote Coast: Land-based Fishing Experiences in New Zealand (2011).

Andy is a regular columnist on land-based fishing in New Zealand Fishing News and has also written for the Dominion Post.

He competes regularly in surfcasting competitions and has been a Wellington surf casting champion is well as a place-getter in national surfcasting championships.

Published 2014 by David Bateman Ltd, ISBN: 978-1-86953-860-6. Soft cover. 144pp.Illustrations: Rig diagrams, by Mark Kitteridge, and knot diagrams by Sam Mossman.