Mossman, Sam – Sam Mossman’s Saltwater Secrets

Sam Mossman's Saltwater Secrets by Sam Mossman.

Sam Mossman's Saltwater Secrets by Sam Mossman.Sam Mossman’s Saltwater Secrets

by Sam Mossman

Published by Reed Publishing (NZ) Limited. First published 2005. ISBN 0-7900 1026 7. Size: 240mm x 180mm. 195pp. Over 8 colour pages, plus many black and white photographs and line drawings. Soft cover.

This is Sam Mossman’s 6th book on saltwater fishing in New Zealand. Each has further enhanced the author’s well-established reputation as one of this country’s most experienced saltwater sports anglers and writers. In Sam’s latest book Saltwater Secrets, he has produced another beauty! Packed full of practical advice aimed at putting more fish on your line and increasing the angler’s enjoyment of fishing.

The book is loosely divided into four parts: The Gear, The Techniques, The Fish, and what to do Before and after the Catch. Each section covers plenty of ground and always from and interesting angle.

What I particularly enjoyed about this book is that it is full of stuff that you can do yourself such as preserving your own bait for future fishing trips, fixing up your tackle, and trying something a bit different such as soft plastic lures and fishing with the new super braided lines. There is a very interesting chapter which poses the question, “Why are your mates catching all the fish?” If you have been out fishing with your mates often enough you will know this question too. You go on a charter with your rugby mates. Sure as eggs one of the blokes will catch nearly all the big fish landed that day. The author will point you in the right direction towards levelling the odds.

Also covered in Saltwater Secrets is the tricky subject of snapper fishing. This really is a species that takes a bit of knowledge and skill to hook and land successfully. According to same, the three most common mistakes made when targeting snapper are inappropriate tackle and rig; not presenting the bait properly to the fish, and not detecting the bait properly and reacting to it. Although Sam can’t guarantee you’ll catch more snapper if you follow his advice reading this book will greatly improve your chances and set you in the right direction. There are many excellent pictures of baits and rigs to get you going.

Saltwater Secrets covers plenty of ground from light tackle spinning to using poppers and other lures, jigging, skipjack and albacore, using berley, sabiki rigs, lumo baits, and heaps more. If this book doesn’t improve your sea fishing nothing will!

Highly recommended.

Retail: NZ$34.95

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