Kitteridge, Mark – Knots, Rigs & Baits – A Kiwi Guide

Knots, Rigs & Baits - A Kiwi Guide by Mark Kitteridge.

Knots, Rigs & Baits - A Kiwi Guide by Mark Kitteridge.Knots, Rigs & Baits – A Kiwi Guide

by Mark Kitteridge

Published by Halcyon Press. First published October 2006. Size: 250mm x 190mm. 208pp. Including Excellent colour photographs throughout. Many black and white line art drawings. Soft cover.

Knots, Rigs & Baits – A Kiwi Guide – by Mark Kitteridge. This is a beautifully illustrated work. Its 208 pages contain a huge number of excellent photographs that serve to bring the text to life. There are also plenty of very good line drawings which show in detail the rigs and how to bait them for best results. I guess what I am saying here is that this book is so well illustrated it is worth the cover price for the pictures alone. You are sure to get plenty of ideas, tips, and useful information from the illustrations without even reading the very informative text.

Knots, Rigs & Baits - A Kiwi Guide by Mark Kitteridge.
Some copies of Knots, Rigs & Baits – A Kiwi Guide by Mark Kitteridge, have this different cover.

This is quite a substantial book covering the best rigs to use in almost every sea fishing situation you are likely to encounter in New Zealand. From catching tiddlers from the wharf or jetty, spinning with lures for big and small fish, surfcasting, deep-sea angling and game fishing. The great thing about it is that it is simple and easy to understand with plenty of excellent stuff for the beginner up to the most experienced of anglers.

The section on tying the main fishing knots is very good. Master each of these and you will be well on the way to becoming a fishing “expert.” This is where the very good large format illustrations really come into there own. This book makes these 14 odd main fishing knots a breeze to follow!

The author is well known in New Zealand having written for various fishing magazines over many years. He has written two other first-rate fishing books: Hook Up On Snapper and Hook Up On Kingfish. Both of these earlier efforts are “must haves” for the serious sea angler. Knots, Rigs & Baits – a Kiwi Guide – contains advice on tackle, which rigs to use where and when, together with how to fish them. I have no hesitation in recommending Mark’s latest book which compliments and expands on his earlier works and will be of tremendous value to anglers seeking to improve their skill at catching many of New Zealand other sea fishes.

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