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Kitteridge, Mark - Hook Up On Kingfish

Kitteridge, Mark - Hook Up On Kingfish. by Mark KitteridgeHook Up On Kingfish

by Mark Kitteridge

Hook Up On Kingfish by Mark Kitteridge. Published by Reed Books, a division of Reed Publishing (NZ) Ltd. First published 2001. Size: 240mm x 180mm. 188pp. Including 8 x pages of colour photographs. Black and white photographs and line art drawings on almost every page. Soft cover.

“The nature of kingfish and the waters they inhabit mean they are always a challenge to land and can never be taken for granted. Making them even more interesting is the fact that they can be caught using a wide variety of methods in very different locations and environments.

After years of working in fishing tackle shops, Mark Kitteridge has heard all the questions there are about how to catch a kingfish. This book answers those questions.

He starts with an introduction to kingfish behaviour, then discusses the types of bait required and techniques to suit the conditions. Sections on all the various lure options and techniques, as well as specific kingfish situations are also covered.

Complemented by Mark’s attractive and informative illustrations, and many photographs, this book is a must for all aspiring or keen kingfish fishermen.

Between fishing trips, Mark Kitteridge is the assistant editor for New Zealand Fishing News. He has won many fishing competitions, mostly for snapper and kingfish, and has caught several national and world records, including one for the heaviest fly-caught yellowfin tuna in the world: a fish of 37 kg, taken on a 10-kg tippet.”

This soft cover book is very well illustrated. If you hope to catch a yellowtail kingfish in New Zealand Hook Up On Kingfish by Mark Kitteridge contains all the information on tackle, techniques, and kingfish behaviour, you will need to catch one of these powerful predatory fish. Highly recommended – Allan Burgess yellowtail kingfish page.

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