Kemsley Gary – Land based Saltwater Game Fishing

Land based Saltwater Game Fishing by Gary Kemsley.

Landbased Saltwater Game Fishing

by Gary Kemsley

landbased Saltwater Game Fishing by Gary KemsleyPublished by The Halcyon Press. First published 1988, 1993. ISBN 0-908685-26-2
Size: 220mm x 140mm. 104pp total. Including colour and black and white photographs. Soft cover.

“Gary Kemsley was a foundation member and first president of the New Zealand Landbased Game Fishing Club, he is a saltwater fishing guide and author.

The original edition of this book was published in 1988, in this latest edition Gary has updated the text and added additional material to reflect the changes in technique and equipment available today. Since the original publication of this book much has happened on the Landbased Game Fishing scene, and the history of the sport in New Zealand has been included in this edition.

Gary lives in Auckland with his wife, Sue and their two children. His work as fishing of “Rod & Rifle” magazine and his articles in “New Zealand Fishing News” have made him a household name in the fishing fraternity.

Landbased Saltwater Game Fishing was one of the first books available on this subject in New Zealand and is still an interesting read for any would-be land-based game fisherman. Chapters include: History, Spinning, Live Baiting, Tuna from the Rocks, Sharks from Shore, Fishing Days, Overseas Landbased Experiences, Saltwater Fly Fishing, and Why Do We Do It?

Landbased Saltwater Game Fishing has all the good stuff like fishing under balloons, rigs, different species of fish you can use for live-baits, adding a fly on a dropper when spinning, and so on.

When first published in 1988 this was the only book available written specifically for New Zealand anglers. Nowadays fishing for big snapper and kingfish from the rocks has become a firmly established past time for Kiwi anglers. 

The cover photograph: Richard Baker with Bronze Whaler, Caruba Pt. Photo by Steve Sneddon.

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